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Leafly Critics’ Picks: The Best Blue Dream in Washington

August 26, 2016

Blue Dream, the most illustrious strain from East Coast to West, can be found in nearly every cannabis shop in Washington state. Pop open a menu and you may even notice several different Blue Dreams from different growers. But when faced with multiple choices of producer, how do you choose between them?

While price can be a good indicator of quality, it can be impossible to know which bud is best without the ability to smell the cannabis or remove the buds from their packaging. So we rounded up five experts from the cannabis industry to vote on which farm’s Blue Dream had them most impressed. Using a 10-point scale, our judges rated anonymous strain samples based on appearance, aroma, flavor, and effect.

Every batch offered something special and different. We encourage you to read into the qualities and merits of each and acknowledge that there’s a subjectivity to cannabis and the experiences it brings us. But cannabis craftsmanship is both an art and science, and so we celebrate the industry leaders who strive to raise the bar with every harvest.

Let’s get into it.

The Critics

Meet the Contestants

#6 | Pioneer Nuggets, $14.00/gram


Ripping open the package, your nose is met by the subtle but unmistakable scent of ripe blueberries. Small buds tumble from the bag, their trichomes catching light with a slight glimmer. Although the judges didn’t know it, these were nuggets were from Pioneer Nuggets. Founded in December of 2013, these growers have been raising hand-watered, hand-trimmed, and hand-manicured buds from outside the small town of Arlington.

Though this take on Blue Dream didn’t rack up as many points as its running mates, our critics certainly found praiseworthy attributes.

  • “Nice, sweet taste. Crescendo high peaking at 45 minutes with an easy ending.” – Ariana
  • “Uplifting and happy.” – Tera

But other judges were a little harder to please.

  • “Reminded me of the first weed I’d smoked – but nostalgia isn’t a factor unfortunately. Otherwise unremarkable.” – Maria
  • “Little to no smell, but looks pretty good. Good flavor, not much punch.” – Will
  • “Just overall not very tasty or stoney.” – Mike

Although the gentle effects of this Blue Dream might be a little too underwhelming for some, there’s still something to be enjoyed in its fluffy, mellow euphoria – especially if you prefer a milder psychoactive experience.

#5 | Buddy Boy Farms $90.00/quarter


Hiding inside a stash jar wrapped with holographic art is Buddy Boy’s take on Blue Dream. Bright amber pistils hug the rounded buds, their structure maintained and un-squashed by the glass container (a common problem with flat, plastic packaging). With over 40 years of cultivation experience, the small team of growers at Buddy Boy raise their plants organically and with fresh, clean spring water in a quiet Eastern Washington valley.

Our critics had plenty of nice things to say about this earthy, piney smelling sample, despite its somewhat “outdoor” appearance.

  • “Best tasting to me by far. This would be my go-to in the group. I’d want this in pre-rolls on standby for sure. Guess looks aren’t everything.” – Maria
  • “Very relaxing and great flavor.” – Tera
  • “Looks like outdoor, but tastes better than expected.” –Mike
  • “Nice milky crystallization, true blueberry flavor, and straight-to-the-point uplifting high.” – Ariana

Still, there were a few knocks on the flavor, curing, and grooming.

  • “Hazy, grass-like smell. A little too dry. Not my favorite. Smoked a little better in a joint.” –Will
  • “Fluffy buds, needed a tad more trimming.” – Ariana

What this strain lacks in appearance, it makes up for in effect and flavor. As per the advice of our judges, roll this one up and consider taking it with you on your favorite hike or while catching some sun.

#4 | Rootworx, $12.00/gram


Working from a clone of the original Snoop’s Dream cut, the cultivators at Rootworx have spent years developing their Blue Dream “recipe.” Pristine conic buds shimmer with white crystal trichomes in an impressive display behind the glass walls of their packaging. Priding themselves in proper climate control, lighting, and curing, the Rootworx Blue Dream is a beauty to behold, but what did the critics think of the overall experience?

It won over a few fans, especially with regards to its looks and effects.

  • “Nice bud structure. Woodsy aroma and piney sweet taste. Got me into my creative zone, lasting about an hour and transitioning into a mellow state.” –Ariana
  • “Smells great, definite berry aroma. Good head buzz.” – Will
  • “Chattier feeling with this one. Definitely made me feel more uplifted.” – Maria
  • “Great terpenes – could taste the myrcene and pinene. Very creative and flavor was delicious.” – Tera

But there were a few points of criticism.

  • “Flavor was earthy and bland.” – Will
  • “Visually appealing, but smoke is rather harsh.” – Mike

With a THC content pushing past 29%, this Blue Dream is decidedly the heavyweight of this bunch. The buds may be a little dry and earthier in flavor, but overall, Rootworx’s Blue Dream is a perfect companion for creative projects and social gatherings. Consider vaporizing this one for the smoothest delivery.

#3 | Monkey Grass Farms, $35.00/eighth


From the family-owned and operated indoor farm in Wenatchee, Monkey Grass’ Blue Dream boasts a competitive price point while still holding on to fragrance and potency. Our third place winner clocks in at over 25% THC with a pronounced terpene profile that excitedly bursts out of the bag. This hybrid, however, had somewhat polarized reviews from our judges.

Some of them raved about this one’s aromatic attributes and smooth euphoria.

  • “Best smelling to me. The flavor profile danced beautifully with this flower’s aroma. Very soothing effect. No laziness.” – Maria
  • “Sweet scent, amazing flavor (great terps). Clear, uplifting high. Motivating and creative.” – Tera
  • “Glittery, pillowy, sweet-smelling, and honey lemon taste with strong, long-lasting elevation. A balanced high without any heavy sedation on the decline.” – Ariana
  • “Good mix of berry/sweet aroma with Hazy, earthy notes. Solid head buzz, nice flavor.” – Will

Mike, our toughest critic, didn’t agree.

  • “Bad taste, bad look, bad smell.” – Mike

Perhaps pickier consumers will want to reach for the topmost shelf for their Blue Dream, but for just $35/eighth (a nostalgic price tag for us medical customers), it would seem that Monkey Grass is a damn good deal. After all, this Blue Dream scored highest for aroma.

#2 | Emerald Jane’s, $17.50/gram


Sitting high up on the top shelf, you’ll find Emerald Jane’s Blue Dream wrapped in elegant packaging and a price tag that might make some wince; for over $17 a gram, you better hope they stuffed these fancy bags full of herbal gold. Referred to as “boutique cannabis,” Emerald Jane’s takes pride in their small-batch product, focusing on quality over commercial quantity. As our second place winner, it’s clear that Emerald Jane’s isn’t just cannabis wrapped in frills, but a treat for the connoisseur willing to pay an extra buck (or seven bucks) for well-raised and lovingly crafted bud.

Here’s what our judges loved.

  • “Sweet smelling and fruit flavor with a quick, cheery and energizing effect that lasts about 30 minutes. Capped with a sleepy finish.” – Ariana
  • “Instantly calming, loosened shoulders. Happy ‘mmm’ high.” – Maria
  • “Sweet berry scent. I could feel the sativa effects.” – Tera

Oddly enough, our guys didn’t pick up on the smell.

  • “Visually appealing, but aroma was non-existent. Flavor could have been better.” – Mike
  • “Pungent, but not much berry smell.” – Will

There were clear differences in perception of this strain’s aroma and flavor, but it proved to be a well-rounded, strong contender in this race. You can trust that what you find in this bag will be a solid rendition of Blue Dream, a frosty vessel of deep relaxation and sparked imaginations.

#1 | Artizen, $13.25/gram


Artizen, the indisputable champion of this round of Critics’ Picks, lifts the top shelf up to a higher plane. A dustbowl of crystal resin gives the flower a well-earned hue of gold as an enticing tangle of blueberry-lemon aromas radiate loudly from the bud. Though it may pain you to burn up these gold nuggets, do it. With a clean, smooth delivery that could stand in as a dessert, Artizen’s Blue Dream brings peace and relaxation on the inhale, and with the exhale, you can wave goodbye to stress and anxiety.

We have only compliments from the judges to share with you.

  • “Overall favorite. Lasted over an hour with super clean, focused energy! Easy taper with great pain relief to my taxed out muscles.” – Ariana
  • “Best smell and looks – super frosty. Best effects and balanced high.” – Will
  • “Helped with my stress and very gorgeous!” – Tera
  • “Aroma was nice, flavor was best of all as well as potency. By far the best one of the group.” – Mike

Well, okay, four compliments and one piece of very stoned feedback that still manages to say something about the potency of Artizen’s Blue Dream.

  • “I want pizza.” – Maria

Blue Dream from Artizen demonstrates that the quality and potency of a strain doesn’t necessarily correlate with a bloated THC content. Clocking in at 18.5% THC, the lowest among our contenders, this flower is an intricate and nuanced piece of art painted by chemical synergies as cannabinoids and terpenes dance harmoniously together.

Artizen is a fondly remembered name by patients of Washington’s bygone medical dispensaries, many of which closed their doors for good as of this July. Now a licensed producer in Washington’s adult cannabis market, Artizen bridges past and future generations of legal cannabis as a living relic of “the good old days.” And, although the price tag is often a reflection of a harvest’s quality, this gram only cost me $13.25. All of the sudden, the top shelf doesn’t feel so far away.

Winner of best appearance, best taste, best effects, and best overall flower, we congratulate Artizen on this sweeping victory!


Are you a licensed producer interested in competing in Leafly’s next Critics’ Picks? Email us at with your name, location, and a list of your strains/products for a chance to enter the next competition! Businesses operating within any legal state market may apply. Whether your craft is flower, edible, concentrate, or something else, we want to hear from you!

Note: application does not guarantee selection. Participants will be selected based on their location and product availability.

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Bailey Rahn

Bailey is a senior content manager at Leafly, specializing in strains and health. She's spent 7+ years researching cannabis products, spreading patients’ stories, and exploring healthy ways of integrating cannabis into daily life.

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  • Nika Wow

    Respect from russian growers! Super buds, amazing <3 Greenhouse effect with the weed connect 😀

  • Frank Yi

    every master grower knows blue dream is not grown for its quality, but for its quantity. Its known in circles as a cash crop. AK47 is another known cash crop. Im not saying its bad weed, but really blue dream is equivalent to a mcdonalds cheese burger.
    btw the only reviewer you should listen to is mike the grower.

    • Andrew McMahon

      I have had some real great ak47 from harmony farms. Don’t think you know what your talking about.

    • Naomi Scott

      you are BS dude Blue Dream is great especially for what I use it for, it keeps my glucose levels down . Maybe your just a indica user and don’t get it medicinal uses

  • MATT we provide full-spectrum CBD from all domestic crops we even have USDA certification on some of our crops. Are wax especially is Bar None one gram of oir wax equals 800 milligrams Pier CO2 extracted 83% CBD. $30,000 a month is spent from people in Washington Oregon Colorado and California because they love the body high and don’t have to worry about the THC. We also have 10 milligrams CBD capsules that are water soluble so their bioavailability is greater than any product on the market right now. Message if you are interested

  • Mary

    My first time but I picked up blue dream from shop its amazing I love it helps me do what I need to do and the taste is totally awesome

  • Recon

    Nancy’s blue dream from around 2011 dispensary days makes all these look like someones 1st grow attempt, so bummed when I couldn’t get it anymore, which was a while ago so not that relevant I guess. I really like some of Artizen’s strains, they seem to know what they are doing, but the blue dream is not very good when you compare it to what it could be, which means the other ones must really be lackluster.

    • lijo99

      awesome smma original

  • T.Y.

    ARTIZEN !!! Purchased at multiple locations across Washington Rec. Stores, phenomenal flower characteristics.

  • Excuse me

    Oops. Artisan’s Blue Dream will now rise in price…

    • Artizen Cannabis Company

      No way! We are very consistent with pricing since we came to market! 🙂

      • Excuse me

        Thank you! Ethics and quality are an unbeatable combination.

  • Artizen Cannabis Company

    We were so honored to be part of this competition- thanks to the shout outs! This was a well vetted phenotype and we will continue to grow it- we also have cartridges now for the Blue Dream. Thanks Leafly!

    • Fun Please

      Anything over $10 a gram is insane. I hate gougers on my medicine. I’d love to have a nice discussion about it. Med patients $100oz retail $125 is fair.
      It costs a buck a gram to produce. Parasite

  • Chrys Malone

    Buy medical/recreational marijuana ,Cannabis oil ,rick Simpson and other related marijuana products .at

  • horsemannv

    Those judges, mostly male, who had a hard time with aroma judging, may be intolerant of nuances because of long term smoking, either tobacco or cannabis, or even the perfume or deodorant used by that person or the person sitting next to them. More controls are called for. Also, measured doses should be given by the exact same way (vaporizer, bong, joint, etc.) for any inhalation. Taste is a factor of age, dental hygiene and what you had to eat before the testing. All in all this was NOT a controlled sampling. Those in the perfume industry or those in the taste essences industry have much more exacting standards that should be adopted.

    • Dom B. Lemcke

      don’t misjudge smokers! I used to smoke for over 15 years, still, I had the best taste and sense of smell of all my friends and family. now, I have quit smoking 3 years ago and I am becoming a taste tester level taste. 😉 I even taste most of the nuances, leafly gives for strains! 😉

  • Well done! Very nice to see Leafly noticed one that caught our attention as well. Ryan Galford, COO, Rootworx, is a grower who truly loves the plant. See article and video at

  • Fun Please

    Won’t touch anything over $10 a gram. Even that is a rip off – price gouging. Stop paying extrotion

  • massman

    Homegrown Blue Dream is the best. Oh wait, this is Washington.

  • gocha

    where can i buy quality seeds of blue dream? i’m not living in usa, i can`t buy weed ((