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What Are You Smoking? Episode 64: Sky High Gardens’ Phil Seda

Phil Seda, CEO of Sky High Gardens, joins Will and Bailey to talk about developing strains and growing craft cannabis.

Hit This: The Leafly Weekly Agenda for Dec. 10-16

Super Silver Haze, cannabis transdermals, and a new Deadpool film are all so hot right now. Time to Hit This.

Where to Find the Best Humboldt County Cannabis Strains & Products

Support farmers who pioneered the modern cannabis industry by buying cannabis flower, extract, and edibles from Humboldt farms.

Hit This: The Leafly Weekly Agenda for Dec. 3-9

The strain Cherry AK, THC gum, and RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-slay Special— all coming in hot this week.

3 Cannabis Strain Discovery Kits for the Decidedly Undecided

More strains, less strain!

What Are You Smoking? Episode 63: The Gift of Cannabis

Dante and Emily are joined by lifestyle editor Hannah Meadows to talk about gifting cannabis for the holidays and share some of their suggestions, including choices from Leafly's Holiday Gift Guide.

Hit This: The Leafly Weekly Agenda for Nov. 26-Dec. 2

Super Lemon Haze for the holiday push. Plus hot Cyber Monday cannabis deals and Earl Sweatshirt’s new album. It’s Hit This!

5 Cannabis Strains For Getting Cozy on Cold Days

For days when you want to lay low and get high.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 62: A Very Leafly Thanksgiving

Will, Dante, and Emily share some timely tips for a cannabis-friendly thanksgiving, including their recommendations for strains that will get your appetite going before you sit down at the table.

5 Canadian Cannabis Brands Backed by Celebrities

High-profile entertainers are seeing green in Canada's cannabis industry.

Canada’s Most Searched Cannabis Strains in the First Month Since Legalization

10 strains that Canadians are most curious about.

Hit This: The Leafly Weekly Agenda for Nov. 19-25

Thanksgiving’s pregame includes the strain Headband, plus Trevor Noah’s new special and Adidas’ new Yeezy 350.

Indica vs. Sativa Cannabis Strains: Which Produces More THC or CBD?

You may have heard that indica strains produce more CBD and sativa strains produce more THC, but is it true? We dug into strain data to find out.

Leafly Insights: What CBD Strains & Products Are Consumers Looking For?

We dug into the data to find out how cannabis consumer demands have shifted in the last year. Spoiler alert: They want more CBD.

Five Memorable Cannabis Strains, One Unforgettable Weekend

This harvest season, Phantom Farms showcased their work in a weekend of activities, breathtaking scenery, and exceptional cannabis.

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