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How leading brands can differentiate with vape products

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Presented ByVessel November 22, 2019

This article is brought to you by Vessel, vape pens obsessively engineered with unforgettable design and top-of-the-line performance in mind.

When assessing the current state of cannabis, it’s clear that there are a few goals brands are eager to achieve to propel them forward. Even as the industry booms, ‘brand’ has quickly become the latest buzzword, but there still remains plenty of room for innovation and brand differentiation.

An impactful way for brands to grow and increase their value is by considering new product formats. In cannabis, where advertising and marketing remain restricted and limited, one of the most overlooked and fastest ways to forge a deeper connection is by offering bespoke products and accessories that consumers enjoy and trust.

(Courtesy of Vessel)

Premium hardware designer and manufacturer Vessel wants to help brands excel by sharing the expertise accumulated with the success of their eponymous collection. Through collaborative partnership, they are working with cannabis brands to overcome obstacles and garner coveted customer attention.

Vessel’s process is simple and maintains a singular focus on designing product experiences that truly connect a brand and the audience it serves. This doesn’t just mean logos for a more heavily branded product, but a more thoughtful and intentional process that honors the product as the primary method of creating that customer connection. This connection centers on the experience and on creating value, which means more to the bottom line.

Vessel is equipped with the resources to broaden the scope of what brands can accomplish and assist them with creating more on-brand, share-worthy experiences to launch new lines of business that create energy and drive results. Whether a brand needs assistance with growth strategy, standing out, or increasing their technical prowess, Vessel is primed to make it happen.

Improving design for stand-out products

Vessel’s design philosophy, is one of the most prominent aspects of their success so far, so naturally, they want to bring their partners in on it.

“We knew our initial products provided an expressive and personal experience, and quickly decided it was the right move to support brands in ways where we could deliver the same impact,” says James Choe, co-founder & CEO of Vessel. “Brands are heavily invested in bringing unique products to market, but to see all of that hard work delivered in the same commoditized product experience just didn’t make sense to us. We saw this as an opportunity to introduce solutions that help leading brands tell a better story, to differentiate from others, and drive value up versus compete solely on price.”

(Courtesy of Vessel)

Vessel delivers its first act in tackling some of the design flaws in the cartridges available in today’s market. The punch list includes improvements to ergonomics, airflow, volume, and tint options and to top it off, the inverted, bottom-fill design addresses a major manufacturing headache that plays a key role in reducing cartridge leaks. The tinted carts take a practical nod from the beer and wine industry where the use of color has helped reduce the impact of light degradation, something Vessel will continue to research and validate over time.

“The current suite of products, whether it’s carts or batteries, puts brands in a tough spot when they are trying to find their sweet spot for sales, success, and differentiation,” Choe says. “Customers want variety, but they also crave uniqueness. They want something they can talk about and share with their friends. Supporting brands with branded product ecosystems helps them establish more confident price points while delivering greater value to their customers.”

Safety as a building block for optimal performance

Along with their dedication to providing brands with some of the coolest hardware on the market, Vessel also recognized the need to give their partners the support necessary to reach new heights.

“We recognize first and foremost that everything unique about what we do together becomes our fingerprint, essentially a symbol of trust. Trust means that there is a level of due diligence and responsibility behind the scenes,” Choe says. “We have to protect consumers and brands equally by prioritizing efficacy and compliance and making sure that our commitment to product safety becomes synonymous with our brands.”

Vessel enforces a gauntlet of testing on the production line, and pre- and post-filling. To ensure safety, they test for heavy metals, contaminants, and other carcinogens that are immediately detectable, and also those that have the potential to surface with time.

Building your bespoke brand, powered by Vessel

Working with Vessel to build or strengthen your brand has never been easier. With limitless combinations of custom features and accessories, brands can push the limits of their products as far as they want – all while knowing Vessel is by their side to provide innovative hardware, exclusive design, and an unmatched premium brand-building experience.

(Courtesy of Vessel)

“A partnership with Vessel keeps everything simple. We like simple. We know where we’re best positioned and that’s staying focused on how the branded experience comes together, while our partners focus on procuring safe, consumable products. Allow both teams to focus on their strengths, and you can do some amazing things.”

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