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Who is the cannabis breeder Mephisto Genetics?

Published on May 5, 2023 · Last updated May 9, 2023
Like clockwork: Mephisto's Forgotten Cookies auto. (Courtesy Mephisto)
Like clockwork: Mephisto's Forgotten Cookies auto. (Image via

Mephisto Genetics is a feminized autoflower cannabis seed breeder renowned for its original connoisseur strains. Comprised of two best friends—Mitch and Tim—and their small, tight-knit staff, Mephisto has markedly improved the world’s opinion of what’s possible with autoflower seed genetics.

Autos used to be low-yield, low-aroma, and low-effect. No longer. As world-class breeders, Mephisto Genetics uses photoperiod seeds crossed with autoflower, which the team then breeds back into feminized autoflower seeds.

Seed collectors themselves, Mitch and Tim work from a massive seed library. They create well-rounded, original strains that have legitimate lineages. Mephisto crosses will often feature many unique and rare seeds from all over the world—even from decades ago.

What autoflower strains is Mephisto Genetics famous for?

Crem De La Chem by breeder Mephisto Genetics. (Courtesy Mephisto)
Crem De La Chem by breeder Mephisto Genetics. (Image via

Mephisto Genetics is famous for many of its highly acclaimed feminized autoflower seeds, especially within online discussion forums.

Double Grape offers an exemplary beginner autoflower cultivar that grows in countless grow tents and backyards all over the world.

Sour Stomper, a parent strain of Double Grape, is a trichome-dense, mood-boosting cultivar also ever-popular with home growers due to its ease of cultivation.

Hubbabubbasmelloscope incorporates old-school genetics in its lineage, providing for a nostalgic early 90’s Amsterdam bubblegum appeal. These seeds are often in-demand due to the strain’s classically sweet aroma and flavor.

Modern classics like Creme de la Chem and Mephisto’s Wedding give off a fashionable, super gassy nose.

Where to find Mephisto feminized autoflower seeds for purchase?

Mephisto Genetics' seed packages
(Image via

Autoflower growers and seed collectors can purchase Mephisto Genetics seeds directly from the brand’s newly updated website. The expanded site now allows for account creation and  24/7 browsing and purchasing of Mephisto’s classic catalog of over 30 different strains. 

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Releases of new feminized autoflower seeds now happen every other Monday on the website. These drops are often in high demand by the autoflower community. The customer loyalty program known as “Piggy Points” now rewards these same die-hard fans of the brand. 

Reputable seed banks online are also always stocked-up with a myriad of Mephisto feminized autoflower seeds.

Where is Mephisto Genetics based?

rows of small plants in indoor grow
Courtesy of Mephisto Genetics

Mephisto Genetics strains come from a new facility based in Barcelona, Spain where the team develops, tests, and stabilizes them for almost two years. Once they lock in ideal strain traits, Mephisto makes commercial runs of seeds using a trusted producer in the US or Canada for those particular markets. 

Distribution and growing hubs in three different countries and two continents ship the beans efficiently. An estimated 85% of all Mephisto seed sales occur in the US, according to the breeders. This high ratio of sales demonstrates the popularity of both autoflowers and the brand itself in America. 

What’s the story behind Mephisto Genetics?

two men seen from behind standing outside
Courtesy of Mephisto Genetics

Mephisto Genetics’ started out as just two friends regularly challenging each other to develop consistently dynamic autoflower strains starting around 2007.

The team moved to a farm situated in a mountainous region of rural Spain in 2012.

In 2017, they established a US distribution hub to serve its largest customer base. Mitch and Tim then moved to a bigger facility in Spain in early 2020, but had to cease all operations until Covid-19 travel restrictions eased.

Production is now back in full swing for their back catalog, and a host of new strains are on the verge of release. The company continues to be considered a top feminized autoflower seed breeder by always adhering to their own exceptionally high standards of quality.

What awards and recognition has Mephisto Genetics received?

Courtesy of Mephisto Genetics

Mephisto Genetics has won several prestigious autoflower awards. Mephisto took the Best Breeder prize at the 2023 Autoflower World Cup, at the most recent Spannabis fair—Europe’s largest cannabis expo.

The duo also won Best Breeder at the 2023 American Autoflower Cup held in Los Angeles, CA.

Both of these awards testify to the company’s work as a feminized autoflower seed breeder. However, along with building a grass-roots online community of worldwide fans and growers, Mitch and Tim consider their well-rounded body of breeding work to be their biggest achievements. 

What strains is Mephisto Genetics currently working on?

Mephisto seed packs
(Image via

Mephisto Genetics has a busy year ahead: many strain projects have been resumed and will be dropped on their website once final runs and testing are completed. 

Seed collectors and growers can look forward to many releases that include:

  • Several unique Gelato crosses that incorporate different phenotypes of the popular dessert strain.
  • Legendary genetics that include an over 30 year-old cut of old school haze for those seeking heavier than usual sativa effects.
  • The release of more CBD-rich strains as the breeders continue their exploratory journey with that particular cannabinoid.

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