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Who Is ‘Potsquatch’?

Let the man behind the shaggy creation pour you a cup of CBD-infused coffee and explain why he lumbers into live news reports.

No Plans for Valentine’s Day? Try Volunteering for a Good Cause!

Whether alone or with a loved one, anyone can reach out to a community and show appreciation.

Dude in a Cannabis Leaf Costume Prances Through Philly

Artist-Activist Nikki Allen Poe is at it again. This time he's celebrating the two-year anniversary of decriminalization in Philadelphia by...well, watch the video.

Canada Day Special: 10 Canadian Cannabis Heroes We Love

On this Canada Day, we’d like to celebrate a few of our favorite Canadian cannabis champions. Let’s applaud the strength and efforts of these heroes of Canada’s cannabis scene — thank you for your hard work!

Feds Finally End 18-Year Fight Against MMJ Pioneer Lynnette Shaw

“It’s absolutely, finally over!” said the founder of the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, one of the nation's first state-legal dispensaries, after a court action this week.

Reschedule 420 Takes the Cannabis Cause to the White House

On Saturday afternoon, at a few minutes past 2 p.m., I found myself carrying the world’s largest joint to the White House.

The Epic Iowa Saga of ‘Cy the Cyclone’ and a Most Dangerous T-Shirt

A student group had to take Iowa State University to court just to put a cannabis leaf on a T-shirt.

Field Dispatch: Inside South Dakota’s Grassroots Movement to Legalize Medical Cannabis

In the heart of the Midwest, two thirty-something moms are starting the long road to cannabis legalization in South Dakota.

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trick Friends and Family Into Trying Cannabis

As cannabis becomes more of a conversation piece, we need to start thinking about how our behavior shapes public image of this plant. Responsibility involves taking cannabis seriously.