Amendment 2
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Florida Legalization: Seeking 60 Percent in the Sunshine State

Field Dispatch: Inside America’s battleground state, where millionaires fight over medical cannabis and patients struggle to find medicine on the black market.

It’s a Close Money Race in Florida

Heavy hitters on both sides of the issue have thrown huge amounts of cash into the debate over medical legalization.

Florida Harvests State’s First ‘Legal’ Medical Marijuana Crop

Operators say it's the start of new business they hope will bring high-quality, and formerly unavailable, medicine to patients who need it the most.

The Shake: Next President Urged to Give Cannabis a Fair Shake

Seniors are cannabis curious, California authorities warn of toxic contamination, and legalization's growing pains aren't what Denver officials expected.

Medical Cannabis Headed Back to Florida Ballot

Campaign organizers announced this week that they’ve secured more than enough signatures to qualify Amendment 2 for the November election.