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Want to Buy a Cannabis Store? For $50 Million You Can Own Six

The surprise sale offer of two of Washington's top cannabis businesses has left many scratching their heads.

Is Home Cultivation Finally Coming to Washington State?

Washington is currently the only adult-use state that prevents consumers from growing at home. A new bill would change that.

Arkansas House OKs Delay to Medical Marijuana Program

The House voted to delay the launch of the voter-approved medical marijuana program and ease a restriction on doctors who certify patient eligibility.

Patient Advocates Say Florida Proposal Would Be Illegal

Officials charged with implementing a new medical marijuana law are ignoring "both the law and the role of the legislature," United for Care campaign manager says.

Maine Legalization Faces Yet Another Challenge as Lawmakers Seek to Delay Cannabis Law

Lawmakers in Maine and other states are pushing bills to delay recently passed cannabis legalization initiatives.

New York Governor Wants to Fix Cannabis Possession Loophole

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his commitment this week to ending the so-called public view loophole in the state’s cannabis laws.

Sessions Hearings Fail to Answer Questions on Cannabis

Statements by the AG nominee did little to ease cannabis advocates’ fears that the incoming administration could put state-legal cannabis programs at risk.

Pressure Mounts for Slovenia to Embrace Medical Cannabis

Facing growing pressure from patients and activists, the Central European country could finally see change in 2017.

Fines for Cannabis in Illinois to Vary Widely Across the State

What's the fine for getting caught with cannabis? It depends on where you are.

Here’s the First Batch of California Cannabis Bills in 2017

With Proposition 64 the law of the land, California lawmakers are now introducing legislation to tinker with the state’s current cannabis laws.

Wisconsin Republicans Reach Deal on Bill to Allow Out-of-State CBD Oil

A bill to allow CBD oil has a chance at passing, but it would require patients to bring cannabis products across state lines.

Serbian Cannabis Leader Arrested Ahead of Public Hearing

Scheduled to give public testimony on the plant’s therapeutic powers, Dragan Alargić was jailed before he could make his legalization plea.

Florida: Here’s What to Know as Amendment 2 Takes Effect Today

Florida is on track to log more than $1 billion in medical marijuana sales by 2019—and surpass Colorado within four years.

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Get the Cannabis Industry Out of Banking Limbo

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is leading an effort to ensure vendors working with cannabis businesses don't have their banking services taken away.

State of the Leaf: Maine Opponents Abandon Recount. Is New Hampshire Legalization Next?

Maine's legalization measure officially becomes law, New Hampshire lawmakers eye legalization, and last call for pardons in Vermont!

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