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Lawsuit Takes a Big Swing at Prohibition, but Few Give It a Chance

Although the plaintiffs' claims appeal to common sense, there’s good reason to be skeptical they will succeed in court.

On a Boat? Cannabis Is Still Illegal, US Coast Guard Says

Rolling a joint for your next fishing trip? Think again. According to the US Coast Guard, it remains illegal to consume while on a boat in US waters.

Two Canadians Arrested for Cannabis in China, Leaving a Bushel of Questions

On July 14, two Canadian employees with the Cirque de Soleil-styled equestrian extravaganza Cavalia were arrested and imprisoned in Beijing, after allegedly being found to have consumed marijuana.

Massachusetts Cannabis Overhaul Could Prompt Legal Challenge

A top Senate Republican and some outside lawyers worry a key provision in the measure could be unconstitutional.

The Future of California Cannabis Depends on Rain

California will assuredly face droughts in the future. Can new water rules keep the state's multibillion-dollar cannabis industry from drying up?

The Cannabis Lawyer: An Interview with Jack Lloyd

Toronto cannabis lawyer Jack Lloyd looks more like a roadie for the Grateful Dead than a trial lawyer—a fact that’s helped him earn the trust of his clients, as he follows his self-professed goal of helping to “legalize cannabis through the judicial branch of the government in Canada.”

Can the Philippines Legalize Medical Marijuana Despite Duterte’s Violent Drug Crackdown?

Amid Duterte's brutal drug war lies a comprehensive bill to legalize medical cannabis in the Philippines. Surprisingly, it has widespread support and could easily pass. Will it?

You Can’t Fire Cannabis Patients Just for Using Cannabis, Massachusetts High Court Rules

In what appears to be a first-of-its-kind ruling, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that employees can’t be fired simply for using medical cannabis.

Massachusetts Cannabis Law Overhaul Calls for Up to 20% Sales Tax

Lawmakers also compromised on the dispute over local control of cannabis shops.

Colorado Court: Cannabis Smell Not Enough to Search Car

Drug-sniffing police dogs in Colorado may need new training if they can detect marijuana, after a Colorado Court of Appeals ruling that sets a new precedent.

Infographic: Know Your Rights When Driving With Cannabis

If you have cannabis in your car and get pulled over by law enforcement, don't panic! Know your rights and protect yourself.

Know Your Rights: US/Canada Border Crossing 101

Len Saunders is a US immigration attorney in Blaine, WA, with an office less than four blocks from the Canadian border. Here are his suggestions for people traveling to the US-Canada border—from any direction.

A Guide to Cannabis Possession Laws in Canada

Curious how Canadian possession laws will be changing with legalization? We've got you covered.

6 Things to Watch as the Countdown to Legal Canadian Cannabis Commences

Canada is a year away from being only the second country on Earth to fully legalize cannabis for adult use. Here are six things to watch for as the countdown plays out.

Are Constitutional Challenges the Future of Canadian Cannabis Litigation?

When Ottawa police raided several dispensaries in November, they arrested nine people, including a 21-year-old woman who was working behind the counter.

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