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5 Sativa Cannabis Strains for Indica Lovers

Not all sativa cannabis strains act as you might think. Here are five strain recommendations for for indica-lovers looking for a more relaxing daytime sativa experience.

Cannapics: Our Favorite Cannabis Photos on Leafly: February 2016 Edition

A roundup of the most jaw-dropping, trichome-rich cannabis photography uploaded by Leafly members.

The Leafly Strains Review Hall of Fame: Food Edition

Get ready for the holidays with some mouthwatering strain reviews!

The First Annual Barcelona Social Clubs Cannabis Cup: And the Winners Are…

Last month on March 23, Leafly was fortunate to sponsor Barcelona's first Social Clubs Cannabis Cup. It was an intimate gathering of about 500 attendees and 50 Cup entries.

3 Fun Facts About Cannabis and Eating

If there’s one activity that is truly made better by cannabis, it’s eating. In order to honor our favorite herb and our favorite pastime, here are 3 facts about cannabis and food.