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The Leafly Strains Review Hall of Fame: Food Edition

Published on November 26, 2014 · Last updated November 15, 2022

In honor of Thanksgiving, the Leafly Strain Review Hall of Fame proudly presents – Strain Reviews: The Food Edition.

Basically – eat everything in sight!


Great! Now I want avocados.

This stuff is awesome. I just ate like four avocados.


We hope that you have more than just Chinese food this Thanksgiving.  But, if you’re gonna have Chinese food….it might as well be mind-blowing.

Made Chinese food basically orgasmic.

Green Crack

Ever have one of those moments?

I just stopped watching the TV cos I couldn’t taste my potato chips..


Aren’t we all looking forward to a few moments of straight-up being a potato on Thanksgiving?  I know I am.

Start a good film, in a couch or in the bed. Then…. relax. Enjoy the moment of being a potato. In a fucking good way of being a potato. 


Public Service Announcement: We know you will be surrounded by family and the chances of paranoia will be high (pun absolutely intended).  However, please refrain from eating dirt to disguise your breath.  Just eat a breath mint.  Or some cranberry sauce. Hell, drink some gravy.  Even that would be better than dirt.

I ate dirt because I thought my breath smelled of weed in public. Yeah, I was that high.

Blue Dream

Neat trick.  So… can we all blame any weight gain on Blue Dream?

Gives me serious munchies. I blame my 20 pound weight gain on the dream 🙂

Blue Hawaiian

Well, this just sounds delightful!  And perfect for dealing with the stressors of the holidays.  Make sure you get the “just right” medicinal dose – don’t drop that turkey!

Smells like Christmas trees, tastes like pine and lightens the heart and mind.  I found it made the whole holiday with ALL the family, very enjoyable. Oh and added benefits of not breaking ornaments or dropping the turkey due to “just right” medicinal dose.

Bubba Kush

Apparently, Bubba Kush smells like the most delicious parts of Thanksgiving.

smells like straight up gravy and turkey with hints of kush haha. 


We hope your Thanksgiving is as positive and upbeat as if you ate a cloud and rainbows.  (And turkey.  And mashed potatoes.  And stuffing.  And PIE. With whipped cream.)

This stuff made me like everyone and positive and upbeat like I ate a cloud and rainbows or something.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lisa Rough
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