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Is a Catnip High Like a Cannabis High?

Learn the similarities and differences between cannabis and cat's favorite herb, catnip.

8 Cannabis Strains That Will Make You Exclaim “Holy Cow!”

In honor of our beloved bovines and for Cow Appreciation Day, here are eight cannabis strains that inspired Leafly reviewers to exclaim "Holy cow."

The Shake: Toronto Expo Kicks Off Under Crackdown Cloud, Legalization Foes Forget the Children

Illegal smuggling hits an all-time low, the Swiss jump on the vape train, and a dog's bum bite harshes a Texas man's mellow.

Watch This: Stoned People Get to Meet a Sloth and Their Minds Are Blown

What happens when a bunch of people get stoned and get to meet a sloth? Pretty much what you'd expect: pure magic.

Man Named Blunt Acquitted on Charges of Getting His Chameleon High

A Chicago judge ruled to drop charges against a man named Bruce Blunt who blew cannabis smoke into the face of his pet chameleon.

5 Cannabis Strains Named After Animals

In case you haven't noticed, cannabis strains tend to have silly names. Here are our top 5 picks of animal-named strains: