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Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Design: The Way of the Future

Explore how cannabis companies are using sustainable packaging designs that help avoid the unsustainable plastic packaging market.

Mobile Optimization Tips for Cannabusinesses

Find tips for dispensaries and other businesses on how to improve their mobile channels in part 3 of cannabis marketing lessons learned at MozCon 2016.

Personalization Marketing for Cannabusinesses

Learn how to better connect with customers on your website and other channels in Part 2 of cannabis marketing lessons learned from MozCon 2016.

Reputation Marketing for Cannabusinesses

Learn how dispensaries and cannabis businesses can use reputation marketing to their advantage in Part 1 of lessons learned from MozCon 2016.

Are Consumers Searching for Cannabis, Marijuana, or Weed?

Cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed: The terms all mean the same thing. So what's the right way to refer to the plant? Which words are people using to search?

6 Ways to Improve Your Customer’s Waiting Room Experience

Is your waiting room unremarkable? Check out these tips to make sure your dispensary offers the best first impression possible — and gets customers wanting to come back.

Infographic: The Fastest-Trending Cannabis Strain in Every State (and D.C.) in 2016

What are the fastest-trending cannabis strains in every market? From Blue Dream to Chemdawg, learn what your customers and friends are searching for on Leafly in 2016.

5 Tips for Lowering Your 280E Tax Burden

We pick the brain of Bob Carp, a leading tax attorney who advises cannabis businesses in every medical and adult-use state.

6 Tips for Using Email Marketing to Help Your Cannabis Business

Email is a crucial marketing channel for just about every big brand out there, and there are multiple ways it can help your burgeoning cannabis business.

How to Market Your Cannabis Business Part 6: Using Merchandise and Apparel to Your Advantage

Merchandise and apparel can help your customers keep your brand as a part of their everyday lifestyle, but it's crucial to think of a strategy for your schwag.

How to Market Your Cannabis Business Part 5: Events & Sponsorships

In Part 5 of our Cannabis Business Marketing series, we offer some quick tips on how to get the most out of your events and sponsorship opportunities.

How to Market Your Cannabis Business Part 4: Social Media Marketing Strategies

In Part 4 of our "How to Market Your Cannabis Business" series, we'll cover social media tactics for cannabis businesses.

How to Market Your Cannabis Business Part 3: Digital Marketing and Cannabis Advertising Strategies

Today we’ll dive into digital advertising and look for ways to help your cannabis business grow while navigating the fragmented landscape of the marijuana market.

How to Market Your Cannabis Business Part 2: Traditional Marketing Channel Opportunities

Here are a few simple ideas on how to use traditional marketing channels to your advantage and stimulate the growth of your cannabis business:

How to Market Your Cannabis Business

What can you do for your marijuana business to reach and build the audience of cannabis consumers your brand is hoping to attract?

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