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Microsoft Enters Cannabis Industry, Crashes Canna-Partner’s Website

Microsoft becomes the first major global corporation to jump into the cannabis industry by announcing a partnership to offer software that tracks cannabis plants from seed to sale.

What Will Happen to Office Drug Testing Post-Legalization? Cannabis Attorneys Weigh In

A group of cannabis attorneys and industry advocates participated in a recent Reddit AMA, or "Ask Me Anything," and weighed in on a number of legalization and policy questions.

IRS Agent Sentenced to 2 1/2 Years for $20K Bribe From Cannabis Company

A judge called the agent's conduct “a tremendous breach of public trust,” as well as “an affront to the United States, the IRS and all law-abiding tax payers.”

Top 10 Cannabis Strains in Massachusetts

These 10 cannabis strains are the most commonly searched varieties among Massachusetts residents according to Leafly data.

The Shake: Richard Nixon Gets His Own Strain, and Is Cannabis a Gateway Drug?

A Georgia city could decriminalize, the magic number in Denver is 421, and are monthly subscriptions "the future of cannabis"?

‘Cheap Pot!’: What’s the Deal with the $6 Gram?

Forget that nonsense you’ve heard about cannabis being so much more expensive in legal states than the black market: Grams for just $6 are increasingly common at state-licensed shops.

The Shake: Kosher Cannabis for Passover, and the Lucas Bros Do a Dowd

People are still buying Mexican brickweed, Iowa wants Minnesota's cannabis, and a U.S. Supreme Court justice takes a 4/20 nap.

The Shake: U.N. Drug Summit Begins With Fireworks, and DEA Science Stinks

Researchers in California are designing cannabis sobriety tests, D.C. lawmakers ban cannabis cafés, and New Zealand police make an oopsie.

What to Expect on Your First Visit to a Dispensary or Retail Cannabis Shop

Curious about cannabis? Not sure where to start? Here’s a guide to making your first purchase in a legal market.

Infographic: The Fastest-Trending Cannabis Strain in Every State (and D.C.) in 2016

What are the fastest-trending cannabis strains in every market? From Blue Dream to Chemdawg, learn what your customers and friends are searching for on Leafly in 2016.

4/20 Is Changing: How to Keep Up With Your Clientele

Dispensaries and retail shops risk alienating some of the newest members to the cannabis community when they fall back on tired stoner stereotypes.

The Shake: The Feds’ Big Eradication Spend and the Massachusetts Smackdown

More and more doctors want cannabis to be legal, Mexico's president is MIA from the U.N. summit, and did someone say, "dragon balls"?

Updating Your Inventory for 4/20? Make Sure You Have These Strains in Stock

We put together this handy resource containing the 100 most trafficked strains on 4/20. These are the varieties Leafly users pull up the most on April 20th.

Why Are Legal States Setting More Limits on Cannabis?

Some of the country’s most cannabis-friendly jurisdictions are weighing whether to narrow the choices available to consumers and patients. What gives?

6 Marketing Tips to Help Your Dispensary Succeed on 4/20

To help you make the most out of the precious few days before the hectic 4/20 holiday, here are a few marketing tips your cannabis business can utilize.

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