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Barack Obama

Is Obama Back on the Cannabis Train? We’re Skeptical

A new book's claims that Obama spends his days playing video games and noshing THC-infused gummies sounds more than a little far-fetched.

Chill, America. Obama’s Rolling Stone Comments Mean Nothing.

The President told Jann Wenner that continuing to criminalize cannabis is not "the smarter way to deal with it." Pardon me if my eyes start to roll.

Obama: Prohibition ‘Not Tenable’ If States Legalize Cannabis on Tuesday

The president told Bill Maher on Friday that Tuesday's vote could force federal prohibition to crumble.

Outrage Follows DEA Refusal to Reschedule Cannabis

“Marijuana has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States," the DEA said in its decision.

The Shake: Who Was Behind the Toronto Raids? And the Dutch Can’t Handle German Cannabis Demand

Voters weigh in on a controversial California ballot measure, a federal prisoner walks free, and a Colorado bill to require MMJ in schools becomes law.

The Shake: Is Cannabis the ‘Worst Kept Secret in Athletics’?

The NYPD chief's backward logic on cannabis, 19 great ways to derail your new business venture, and 2 Chainz's expensive indulgence.

The Shake: State Dept. Says DEA is Wrong on Cannabis

Oakland wants to be the cannabis capital of California, Obama cuts short 58 prisoners' sentences, and Jamaica adopts initial regulations to launch the ganja industry.

The Shake: Gas Mask Bong Video Crashes All NFL Draft Boards

A lawyer calls out Obama for defying Congress and cracking down on legal cannabis, Massachusetts sees a surge in MMJ patients, and a Harvard psychobiologist professor goofs up.

White House Officials Offer “Nods & Smiles” in Meeting with D.C. Legalization Advocates

DCMJ's Adam Eidinger catches up with Leafly after a historic meeting with the White House.

The Shake: Denver Has Growhouse Brokers, and Miami Cops Bust Man with Majestic Half-Beard

Legalization advocates are at the White House today, a Utah study shows further potential for cannabis epilepsy treatment, and seriously, this guy's beard.

White House to Meet Today with D.C. Legalization Advocates

A pair of activists will argue during the meeting on Monday that the Obama administration should remove cannabis from a list of dangerous substances that includes heroin and cocaine.

Batman in a Bow Tie: We Talk Cannabis Reform With Rep. Earl Blumenauer

Don’t be fooled by the charming bicycle pin and unassuming smile — when it comes to fighting for cannabis reform, Blumenauer is Batman in a bowtie.

Reschedule 420 Takes the Cannabis Cause to the White House

On Saturday afternoon, at a few minutes past 2 p.m., I found myself carrying the world’s largest joint to the White House.

This Policy Wonk Is Changing the Conversation About Cannabis on Capitol Hill

Over the past six months, John Hudak has quietly become one of the most influential voices on national cannabis policy in the U.S.

The Shake: Obama Frees 61 Inmates and Whoopi Tackles Period Pain

Microsoft's racist chatbot turns out to be a cannabis fan, a Colorado ski town considers tossing edibles, and a faithful dog brings home a massive haul.

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