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Cannabis Product Deals: Cleaning Solutions, Ash Catchers, and Pipe Cleaners

It's time for a little spring cleaning! Get your glass pieces looking brand new again by picking up these cleaning solutions ash catchers, and pipe cleaners.

How to Clean a Dab Rig Nail

Cleaning a dab rig nail is simpler than you may think. Learn four tips you can use to clean your nail at home using a few household ingredients.

How to Clean and Take Care of a Bong or Bubbler

Bongs and bubblers are a great way to enjoy cannabis, but can be a chore to clean. Learn some easy ways to clean them and keep them in pristine condition.

Bongs Have an Image Problem in Europe. Here Are 6 Ways to Fix It

Europe has a history of blown-glass artistry that stretches back hundreds of years. So why do bongs still get a bad rap?

The Do’s & Don’ts of Cleaning Your Glass: What to Watch Out for With Pipes, Bubblers & Bongs

How do you clean your pipes, bubblers and bongs? We asked the Leafly community to share stories, then checked in with Jim Berry of Mile HIGH Cleaner for some pro pointers.

What’s Your Favorite Pokey Tool for Emptying a Bowl?

Recently we polled our beloved fans to find out their go-to device (or "pokey") for emptying a cannabis bowl or piece. The results were diverse, amusing, and enlightening.