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What’s Your Favorite Pokey Tool for Emptying a Bowl?

Published on October 21, 2015 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Recently we polled our beloved fans across social media to find out their go-to device for emptying a bowl or piece. The results were diverse, amusing, and enlightening, but first…

What Do You Call the Device You Use to Clean Your Bowl?

An asher? A pokey? A stick? What do you even call this thing? We asked and you answered. The most popular responses were…

It's a Poker/Pokey!

  • "…the stick on the left is a poker…." — Trevor Balko
  • "Pokey. I'm glad other people call it that too." — Ben Craighton
  • "Poker" — Destrey Jones
  • "Pokey thingy, dude." — Stabbert Mckniferson [nice name, by the way]
  • "Pokey, I'm old school back in the day of aluminum downstems and acrylic bongs, coat hanger, pair of needle nose pliers if [you're] feeling fancy to put a scroll on one end. Pokey lol…" — Don Menefee
  • "Pokey stick thingy or just thingy" — Erica Nessie Nettnin
  • "Pokey stick" — Tina Chavez
  • "Poker" — Jordan Roman
  • "Poker lol" — Katurah LaFountaine
  • "[It's] pokey stick of course!" — Sarah Lindsey Bowman
  • "Pokey Doony Bit" — Benjamin Hunter
  • "My shishka skinny stick thing-a-ma-gig poker" — Karla Jo Abey

No It's Not, It's Something Else!

  • "Long stick thing lol" — Ryan Burke
  • "Stoker" — Julian Vernon
  • "My cleaning apparatus!" — Dale Noble
  • "That bobby-pin thing" — Nate Gingras
  • "Cleaning tool. Haha" — Justin Vannoy
  • "Podger" — Ollie Allan

We'll stick with "pokey" as the preferred term for now. So what sort of pokey do you use?

Popular Pokers for Cleaning Cannabis Bowls

Based on the responses we received, there's no clear answer or consensus. However, there were some similarities in the feedback we received:

To Wood or Not to Wood?

  • "Don't use wood it breaks off" — Israel Carrera
  • "Toothpicks because the Wood will not break the glass people use toothpicks" — Dank House
  • "toothpick, safety pin." — Noemi Sparks

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Actual Manufactured Pokers

  • "[Pokers] made by pokerface!" — Stephanie Robinson
  • "420 pipe cleaner works best for me [it's] like $9" — Andrew Velasquez

Some of You Don't Use a Pokey at All

  • "Alcohol and epsom bruh. That's it." — Keegan McCall
  • "ISO and sea salt." — King Tyler
  • "Everclear and sea salt works every time" — Dawn Cittadino
  • "Use a hand held steamer works like magic" — William Bruckner

Apparently Dentist Tools are Quite Diverse

  • "Homie has a dental tool kit that works hella good" — Dale Noble
  • "Dentist pick tool type thing" — Bryan Evans

Miscellaneous MacGyvering

  • "Lockpicks" — Julian Vernon
  • "a scale modeling putty application tool" — Mike Paquette
  • "Mini flathead screwdriver" — Jerry Kritzman
  • "Pocket knife" — Josh Smith
  • "Little hair hook from mom's hair dye kits. Works wonders for screens, dabs, scraping and cleaning." — Tom Irwin
  • "Enamel chopsticks" — Drake Sansone
  • "Paper clips everywhere." — Ben Craighton
  • "Bobby pins" — Em Garcia

Time for you to weigh in! What sort of "pokey" device do you use to empty your bowls?

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