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What Is Dabbing and How Do Dabs Work?

Learn all about dabbing, including what cannabis dabs are and how they're made. Plus, find out how dabs might be good for the legalization movement.

The Oregon DOPE Cup Winning Cannabis Strains, Concentrates, and Edibles

October 1st marked the opening of recreational cannabis sales in Oregon, and what better way to close out the weekend of celebrations than with the first cannabis cup in the state?

The Leafly Starter Pack: A Comprehensive Guide to Recreational Cannabis

If you’re new to cannabis (or if it’s been a few years), the Leafly Starter Pack has everything you need to know about how to enjoy marijuana easily and safely.

New Strains Alert: The 2015 Michigan Cannabis Cup Winners

Check out all the winning cannabis strains and products from the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup in Michigan. If you've tried any of the award winners, leave a review!

United Kingdom Allows the Use of Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

For the first time since it was made legal on July 31st, the coveted Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain will be offered in oil form by a London and Kent-based company called UK CBD.

Are Time-Released Cannabis Pills the Future of Medical Marijuana?

Two cannabis brands have teamed up to create time-release marijuana capsules that will deliver measured doses over a time frame of up to 12 hours.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Dabbing?

Dabbing is one of the most up-and-coming trends in the cannabis world, but how much do you really know about it? Test your skills with our dabbing quiz!

4 Ways Innovative Technology is Changing the Public’s Perception of Dabbing

Impressive technological advancements are addressing four common concerns surrounding dabbing to usher in a new era of safe, accessible concentrate consumption for users of all types.

The 2015 NorCal Cannabis Cup Winners

There was some beautiful competition at the 2015 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup and we were there to cover all of the action. Here are the winners:

Advice for Baby Boomers Who Gave Up Cannabis Long Ago But Want to Give It Another Chance

If you're a baby boomer who's interested in rediscovering cannabis but is intimidated by today's more potent strains, here's some useful advice to ease you back in.

Canada Just Legalized Cannabis Oils and Edibles

The Canadian Supreme court ruled to expand the legal definition of cannabis to include all forms, such as edibles, tinctures, and oils, instead of just dried flower.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Cannabis Concentrates?

It's time to put your concentrate knowledge to the test! Take our cannabis concentrates quiz and see if you're truly a concentrate king (or queen)!

New Videos Alert: Northern Lights, Concentrates, Landrace Strains & More

Check out our newest cannabis videos that premiered in May, including a Northern Lights Strain Spotlight and informative Cannabis 101 topics.

Texas Strikes Liquid Gold, Is Legalizing Cannabis Oil

Governor Greg Abbott announced today that he plans to sign a bill legalizing cannabis oil for epilepsy patients with a valid prescription.

What Are Cannabis Oil, Shatter, and Wax Extracts?

Learn about the different cannabis oil consistencies, what separates them from one another, and more about the art of cannabis extraction.

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