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With Trump’s Support, STATES Act Could End Nationwide Cannabis Prohibition

Sen. Cory Gardner & Sen. Elizabeth Warren outline a legalization bill that President Trump agreed to back in a deal earlier this year.

Legalization Advocate Rep. Tom Garrett Drops Re-election Bid, Citing Alcoholism

The Virginia Republican, a rising member of the Freedom Caucus, faced a tough fight in November from a '60 Minutes' reporter.

Rohrabacher–Blumenauer Renewal OK’d by Congressional Committee

A powerful Congressional committee has voted to extend federal protections for medical marijuana patients and providers in legal-cannabis states.

DC’s Cannabis Confusion Could Be Solved by Maryland Voters

Allison Galbraith wants to unseat Maryland Rep. Andy Harris, who's blocking cannabis sales in the nation's capital.

This 60 Minutes Reporter Could Bounce a Legalization Advocate From Congress

Rep. Tom Garrett, a Virginia Republican, has introduced legislation in Congress to legalize cannabis nationwide.

Schumer Bill Would Deschedule Cannabis Nationwide

Schumer says he'll introduce the measure next week. But how does it differ from Sen. Cory Booker's Marijuana Justice Act?

Mitch McConnell Wants Congress to Legalize Hemp

The senate majority leader had his eyes opened by his home state's bumper crop. Today Kentucky, tomorrow America.

Trump Signs Spending Bill; Medical Marijuana Protected Through September

The president grudgingly signed the $1.3 trillion bill, effectively renewing critical Rohrabacher-Blumenauer MMJ protections.

Congressional Budget Deal Includes Medical Marijuana Protections

The $1.3 trillion spending bill prevents the Justice Department from spending money to prosecute MMJ cases in legal states.

Dana Rohrabacher’s Last Stand: California Conservative’s Fate Could Hinge on Cannabis Vote

Caught up in the Trump-Russia affair, the congressman struggles to retain his seat as bipartisan cannabis allies rally behind him.

Budget Deal Extends Medical Marijuana Protections, but Only Temporarily

After a brief government shutdown—and another moment of angst for the cannabis industry—a key protection for state-legal cannabis will live another day.

54 Bipartisan Members of Congress Urge Trump to Revive Cole Memo

The federal lawmakers want the president to direct US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reinstate the Cole memo.

What the Federal Shutdown Means for Medical Marijuana

When the Senate vote failed, the budget expired and the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer medical marijuana protections vanished. So what's next?

Now Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Comment Is Affecting Medical Marijuana

The president's outburst blew up immigration talks that were key to the budget, which is where MMJ protections live.

New Bill in Congress Would Ban Federal Cannabis Enforcement in Legal States

The measure, introduced by a California congresswoman, would permanently forbid federal agencies from taking action against state-legal cannabis.