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Massachusetts Regulators Busy Rolling out the Rules for Legal Cannabis

From "cannabis cafes" to "craft cooperatives," regulators have been laying out a vision for what a potential multibillion dollar marijuana industry might look like.

Will ‘Microbusiness’ Licenses Let Craft Cannabis Flourish in California?

This special license allows small-scale operators to build the cannabis equivalent of microbreweries.

California Growers: How to Thrive at Craft Scale

In the second in our California Growers series, we look at small farmers who've built boutique brands.

California Lawmakers to Consider Cannabis Rules Thursday

California would set standards for organic marijuana, allow samples at county fairs and permit home deliveries under legislation set to be considered Thursday.

California Cannabis Farmers Insist on Driving Their Own Trucks; Here’s Why

Craft cannabis companies say distribution control is critical to their success. The Teamsters disagree.

What’s So Special About Humboldt County Cannabis?

As the legal market matures and more consumers start sniffing out “craft cannabis,” where and how a plant is grown will become ever more important.

Cannabis Terroir 101: What Is It, and What Factors Affect It?

Terroir is the who, what, where, when, and sometimes why behind a plant. Learn about cannabis terroir and factors you should consider when buying.