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Craft cultivars for the cannabis connoisseur

Presented ByTrulievePublished on June 28, 2022 · Last updated July 13, 2022
This article is sponsored by The Cultivar Collection. From left to right Christopher Johnson, Donald Pake, and Charlie Field. Standing in front Rae Bae, a beloved and gassy cultivar. Image courtesy of Trulieve.

The Cultivar Collection empowers master growers to create truly artisanal strains.

Artisan craft is a rare resource without a substitute. That goes double for the cannabis industry, where decades-long and still ongoing prohibition unjustly jails many master growers for plying their trade. When it comes to weed, experience and hands-on knowledge are worth their weight in gold. Cannabis that is shepherded through the process by true master growers looks, tastes, and smells a cut above the rest. 

Is a cannabis cultivar the same as a strain?

The Cultivar Collection, a special Trulieve imprint, gives a group of best-in-class growers the time, context, and freedom to flex the full power of their artisan process to cultivate the cannabis sold under this sought-after line. They nurture these essential partners and support their passion with the best possible growing conditions & resources, and these empowered growers produce cannabis that is flavorful, potent, and wholly unique.

When we last checked in with these masters last year, they were just starting out on their mission of offering next-level artisan quality. Now, those dreams have fully blossomed. The Cultivar Collection boasts over 150 cultivation specialists producing extremely high-quality flower, and they aren’t slowing down. 

Craft cultivars
The pursuit of quality is unrelenting and goes beyond the flower. The packaging is designed to be exceptional in form and function. Photo by Tyler Soreng, courtesy of Trulieve

People power

“The greatest works of art aren’t celebrated for the paint they’re created with, but in the brushstroke and the genius of the artist.” – Tyler Soreng

The Cultivar Collection is based on the understanding that the unique knowledge of the specific people who touch the plant matters a lot. As such, the brand has gone out of its way to support these artisans every step of the way. “When we talk about empowering individuals at a plant level, we mean it,” says Tyler Soreng, Brand Manager at the Cultivar Collection. 

The Master Growers and Senior Cultivators at work in the Cultivar Collection facilities bring dozens of years of combined experience in the industry. Having growers who have dedicated their lives to cannabis cultivation—many of whom bring rare lessons and techniques honed in the decades before cannabis was mainstream— practice their craft with all the support they need produces a rarified flower with an authentic connection to the history and culture of cannabis. 

Craft cultivars
Christopher Johnson and Hunter Reid keeping it Culti at Reggae Rise Up, connecting authentically with Patients and consumers alike. Photo by Tyler Soreng, courtesy of Trulieve

At the Cultivar Collection, growers are supported and encouraged to experiment and innovate. Leadership understands that cannabis is expressive and that the creativity of their cultivation specialists is their greatest asset. “The greatest works of art aren’t celebrated for the paint they’re created with,” said Soreng, “but in the brushstroke and the genius of the artist.” 

Psychic umami

Craft cultivars
With a small-craft room design for the plants, Cultivar Collection genetics receive specific environments tailored around each strain allowing them to achieve their full potential. Photo by Tyler Soreng, courtesy of Trulieve

Cultivating craft cannabis means far more than just producing the highest THC strain possible; The Cultivar Collection’s craftspeople value every element of the cannabis experience. It’s something we call psychic umami; it’s when you have a level of attention and passion that you’re pouring into something from inception, in an unrelenting manner …” said Soreng. Cultivar Collection Master Growers understand the final, smokable product is not just the result of genetics, soil, or light content, but a thousand micro-decisions made by growers along the way. 

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“The best people, in our best rooms, with our best genetics.” – Donald Pake

While the process is unique for every individual strain produced, there are standard techniques that the Cultivar Collection’s whole catalog utilizes. These master growers leverage their decades of experience in order to source cultivars from legendary breeders. The Cultivar Collection also empowers their growers to aggressively pheno-hunt to find truly rare cultivars to experiment with. 

These craftspeople put a high level of care into their workshops as well. The Cultivar Collection facility is truly state-of-the-art, with small-batch cultivation rooms specifically tailored to the needs of the cultivar. Cutting-edge full-spectrum LED lights give artisans exacting control over the needs of the strain. All flower sold by the Cultivar Collection is hand-trimmed and jarred; for these craftspeople, there is simply no substitute for experience. 

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Craft cultivars
A wall of Cultivar Collection mother plants. Each mom represents the completion of long and aggressive pheno-hunts and are all special and uniquely individual. Photo by Tyler Soreng, courtesy of Trulieve

The Cultivar Collection is truly the cream of the crop. Donald Pake, National Director of Cultivation said it best: “[Our growers are] the best people, in our best rooms, with our best genetics.” Want to see what that looks like at the flower level? The team behind the Collection let us know about some of the top fire available now. Read on to see a selection of the Cultivar Collection’s premier craft offerings.

Raspberry Punch

Courtesy of Trulieve

Descended from a long line of cultivars both gorgeous and rich in flavor, Raspberry Punch is something truly extraordinary. This indica cultivar is bred by crossing the famous 8541 and Purple Punch strains, resulting in a unique savory flavor with subtle tart undertones. The vibrant purple colors of the flower are almost completely obscured by a thick layer of resin and trichomes. Enjoying Raspberry Punch tends to lead to a heavy, cerebral high that slowly travels through the body, leaving relaxation and euphoria in its wake. With Raspberry Punch, you’ll be able to taste the psychic umami implanted by the Cultivar Collection’s Master Growers every time. 

LA Kush Cake

Craft cultivars
Courtesy of Trulieve

LA Kush Cake is a rare cultivar that boasts an impressive pedigree. This heavy-hitting indica-dominant strain is descended from legendary parents Wedding Cake and Kush Mints, each a powerful strain in its own right. LA Kush Cake flower is a deep, verdant green streaked with royal purple. The cultivar has a vanilla flavor and aroma reminiscent of its sweet namesake, but with hints of diesel, menthol, and a distinct earthiness. The strain typically offers a powerful, sedative body high, great for winding down at the end of a long day and drifting off to sleep. 

Singapore Sling

Craft cultivars
Courtesy of Trulieve

A unique strain with a globetrotting name, Singapore Sling is a potent powerhouse that features an abundance of flavor, no plane tickets required. A cross between Tiki Cookies and Creamsicle, this hybrid boasts legendary genetics from the famed grower, Tiki Madman. Singapore Sling is a deep, verdant green that reveals resin deposits and flecks of orange on closer inspection. The aroma of Singapore Sling is reminiscent of a classic cookie scent with hints of sweet grape and lime. Consumers who enjoy Singapore Sling tend to report a feeling of delightful, energizing euphoria, perfect for daytime hours. 

Ready to experience the Cultivar Collection’s psychic umami? You can find these strains and more in select states now. Follow the Cultivar Collection on Instagram for all the latest updates. That way, you’ll never miss what these innovators come up with next. 

Special thanks and appreciation to: Charlie Field, Christoper Jonson, Hunter Reid, Richard Barefoot, Alex Hudson, Cera Clark, Matt Brand, Donald Pake, Andrew Guy, Michael Sickler, Jason Wrenn, Fro Burger, Adam Shalloo, Brett Sorauf, John Critser, Michael Goulding, Ryan Krumpe, and David Hoagland. 

Presented ByTrulieve
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