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DEA Annual Report Finds Decline in Smuggling, Teen Use, and Prosecution

A new report from the DEA has a few items catching the eye of cannabis advocates around the country.

After the Shooting: Christianians Call for Legalization, Stand Up to Gang Violence

In August, Copenhagen's cannabis-friendly Christiania neighborhood was rocked by a shooting. Today, residents say legalization could help end the violence.

Are Postal Workers Stealing Illegal Cannabis Shipments?

Internal audit reveals few safeguards to prevent federal postal employees from stealing illicit packages of cannabis.

Can You Get Away with Mailing Cannabis Through the USPS?

Learn about the relationship between the United States Postal Service and drug shippers, and find out how laws affect those thinking of mailing cannabis.

Cartel Bust: 6,500 Plants Seized from Illegal Oregon Operation

An illegal cannabis growing operation in rural Yamhill County, Ore., resulted in an arrest and the seizure of plants worth around $9 million.

Watchdog Report Accuses New York DAs of Racism in Cannabis Cases

Black and Latino defendants fared far worse under New York district attorneys than did their white and Asian counterparts.

American Commits Suicide in Taiwan Court Over 4-Year Cannabis Sentence

An American man convicted of growing cannabis in Taiwan slashed his throat with a pair of scissors last week after being sentenced to four years in prison.

Why are the Feds Out to Get 19-Year-Old Devontre Thomas?

Why is the U.S. Attorney bringing federal possession charges against a recent high-school graduate — in Oregon of all places?

L.A. Dispensary Owner Shoots Two Suspected Robbers

At least one of the would-be robbers were armed with an assault rifle, a sheriff’s spokesperson told reporters, and both were wearing bulletproof vests.

The Shake: Ohio’s MMJ Campaign Shuts Down

Racial disparities persist in California, the fallout in Toronto continues after last week's raids, and can cannabis actually damage your DNA?

The Shake: State Dept. Says DEA is Wrong on Cannabis

Oakland wants to be the cannabis capital of California, Obama cuts short 58 prisoners' sentences, and Jamaica adopts initial regulations to launch the ganja industry.

The Shake: Richard Nixon Gets His Own Strain, and Is Cannabis a Gateway Drug?

A Georgia city could decriminalize, the magic number in Denver is 421, and are monthly subscriptions "the future of cannabis"?

NYPD Commissioner and Washington D.C. Police Chief Have Starkly Different Views on Cannabis and Violence

Recently both the NYPD commissioner and the Washington, D.C. police chief spoke about cannabis and violence. Their messages couldn't be further apart from one another.

The Medical Minute: Cognition, Crime, and Multiple Sclerosis

We’ve got three more reasons for continued celebration in the medical marijuana community as new studies examine cannabis' effect on cognition, crime, and multiple sclerosis.