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How It Feels to Get Lost in a Hemp Maze

An unusual travel destination in Central Europe features an artificial Jamaican beach, an array of exotic animals, and a towering cannabis labyrinth.

Hemp-Infused Beers a Hit Among European Palates

Cannabis and beer: Can they go together? In the heart of Europe, definitely.

How the Czech Republic Became a Leader in Cannabis-Infused Topicals

Why are so many top-shelf cannabis-infused ointments, shampoos, and body creams made in the Czech Republic?

State of the Leaf: Will Anti-Cannabis Chris Christie OK Medical Marijuana for PTSD?

Illinois expands qualifying conditions and hits new sales record, New Mexico still fumbling with patient delays, and and a Japanese MMJ advocate dies while awaiting trial.

Targeting Cannabis, Czech Republic Takes Aim at… Gardening Stores?

Michal Otipka's grow stores sell cultivation supplies, which are entirely legal in the country. That hasn't protected him from becoming a prized target for police.

Medical Cannabis in Europe: Supply Shortages and Limited Selection

European politicians are mulling plans to expand medical cannabis options, but until the talk becomes reality it’s still slim pickings for Europeans in need.

Europe Update: The Latest Cannabis News From the Continent

European attitudes toward cannabis are changing at a breakneck pace. Catch up on the most recent updates.

Meet Dusan Dvorak, High Priest of the European Cannabis Church

The story of Dvořák and his longtime fight for more sensible cannabis laws would make for a blockbuster Hollywood movie.

Croatia Makes Medical Cannabis History. How Did It Happen?

The ancient Romanesque village of Groznjan, Croatia, witnessed a historic moment this month: the first-ever legal shipment of cannabis extract from North America to Europe. Here's the story behind the headline.

Which Country Leads Europe in Cannabis Consumption?

Do countries with more restrictive policies have lower rates of use? You might be surprised.

Liberal Laws but Hostile Policing for Czech Republic’s Cannabis Community

The Czech Republic's liberal drug policy is widely praised by global reformers, but recent actions by authorities reveal a painful gap between theory and practice.

5 Myths About Cannabis in the Czech Republic

Most foreign visitors think cannabis is legal in the Czech Republic but alas, it is not. Here are the five biggest myths you should know before you set out on a trip to Prague.

10 Countries That Could Be the Next to Fully Legalize Cannabis

At Leafly we're keeping an eye on these 10 countries who are showing promising signs of following Uruguay's lead towards full legalization in the near future.