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Cannabis Product Deals: Water Pipes, Torches, and Storage Multi-Tools

We've found some cannabis product deals worth your attention. Pick up a torch, water pipe, or a handy multi-tool storage case.

Cannabis Product Deals: Revolver Bowls, Pipe Bundles, and More

Step up your Valentine's Day game by gifting your special someone a new pipe, bong, or hemp-infused lotion. What makes these gifts especially perfect? They're all on sale.

Cannabis Product Deals: Dab Rigs, Stash Boxes, and More

From dab rigs to humidity-controlled stash boxes, here are some of the best cannabis product deals offered this week.

Cannabis Product Deals: Oil Rigs, High-Res Calendars, and Cookbooks

Kick off the new year by treating yourself to a new tabletop rig, track your schedule with a marijuana-themed calendar, and try some recipes from "The Cannabis Cookbook."

Cannabis Product Deals: Banger Carb Caps, Protective Cases, and Cozy Footed Jammies

Treat your 14mm quartz banger to a fresh new carb cap, protect your rig with a new Pelican case, and get cozy during the long, cold winter in a colorful adult-sized onesie.

Cannabis Product Deals: Domeless Nails, Silicon Bongs, and 4-Piece Grinders

Pick up a high-quality ceramic nail, smoke worry-free with a clumsy-compatible silicon bong, and pulverize your pile of buds with a 50mm 4-piece aluminum grinder.

Cannabis Product Deals: Smoking Filters, Pax Multi-Tools, and Dab Rigs

Smoke on the DL with a discreet air filter, clean your Pax vaporizer with a handy multi-tool kit, and add a sidecar dab rig to your collection thanks to this week's trio of deals.

Cannabis Product Deals: Reclaim Catchers, Honey Mats, and Ti Dabbers

Need to add to your dabbing collection? Pick up a new reclaim catcher, honey mat, or a set of anondized Ti dabbers at great discounted prices.

Cannabis Product Deals: Secret Stash Containers

Looking for some subtle storage solutions for your secret stash? Check out these three options that offer unique designs without busting your wallet.

Cannabis Product Deals for Summer 2017: Beach Towels, Tank Tops, and Ice Cube Trays

With summer in full swing, pick up these fun cannabis products designed to help you enjoy the warm sunny days. From themed beach towels to fun tank tops, celebrate the season in style.

Take Advantage of Amazon Prime With These Fun Cannabis Deals

Amazon Prime Day is here again and we've compiled some of the coolest, funkiest cannabis accessories and deals to scoop up.

Cannabis Product Deals: Grow Guides, Lights, and Tents

Looking to start your own cannabis grow? Save on the startup costs by taking advantage of these great deals on grow tents, LED vegetative bar lights, and how-to books.

Cannabis Product Deals: Rolling Trays, Dab Rigs, and Hemp Wick Dispensers

Check out this trio of deals so you can step up your joint rolling game, pick up a high-quality diffused dab rig, and avoid a sticky situation when dispensing hemp wicks.

Cannabis Product Deals: Cleaning Solutions, Ash Catchers, and Pipe Cleaners

It's time for a little spring cleaning! Get your glass pieces looking brand new again by picking up these cleaning solutions ash catchers, and pipe cleaners.

Cannabis Product Deals: Torches, Drop Downs, and Concentrate Dishes

Need some new accessories so you can step up your concentrate game? Pick up a reliable hand torch, some quality drop downs, and worked concentrate dishes from the latest deals roundup.

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