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New York Governor Wants to Fix Cannabis Possession Loophole

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his commitment this week to ending the so-called public view loophole in the state’s cannabis laws.

Fines for Cannabis in Illinois to Vary Widely Across the State

What's the fine for getting caught with cannabis? It depends on where you are.

Vermont Governor Weighs Pardons for Small Amounts of Cannabis

Outgoing Gov. Peter Shumlin, who supported legalization this year, invited residents convicted of possessing small amounts of cannabis to apply for pardons.

Central European Legalization Efforts Gaining Political Support

Both the Czech Republic and the German city of Berlin could see the arrival of legal cannabis next year if efforts supported by political parties there gain traction.

Despite Obstacles, Italian Cannabis Supporters Optimistic on Legalization

Italian lawmakers are considering whether to ease restrictions on cannabis and greenlight cannabis social clubs.

Dude in a Cannabis Leaf Costume Prances Through Philly

Artist-Activist Nikki Allen Poe is at it again. This time he's celebrating the two-year anniversary of decriminalization in Philadelphia by...well, watch the video.

Major Rights Groups: Decriminalize Use of All Illicit Drugs

Human Rights Watch and the ACLU jointly issued the call in a detailed report contending that enforcement of drug laws has unjustifiably ruined lives.

Memphis Council Reduces Local Penalties for Marijuana Possession

The Memphis City Council on Tuesday narrowly approved an ordinance that will allow police to reduce the penalty for people who possess small amounts of cannabis.

State of the Leaf: Colorado Lawmakers Warm to Cannabis for PTSD

Michigan moves to tax medical cannabis, Ohio lawyers get OK to advise MMJ clients, and Australia's new national cannabis farm is itty-bitty.

Nashville Decriminalized Cannabis. But Should It Have?

The Nashville Council will vote to decriminalize cannabis, but there's more to the ordinance than meets the eye.

Delaware Cannabis Bill Prompts Calls for Full Legalization

The passage of a bill that could spare some misdemeanor drug offenders from convictions has prompted a conservative Republican senator and gubernatorial candidate to call for the formal legalization of marijuana in Delaware.

Will Cleveland Celebrate Its Next Title with Decriminalized Cannabis?

All the celebrating in Cleveland last night got us wondering: Can the good people of The Cleve toast the Cavaliers’ first NBA championship with cannabis?

State of the Leaf: Irish Like a Bit o’ Green, and Can Cannabis Save Atlantic City?

Colorado sees record sales, three legalization petitions vie for primacy in Arkansas, and a cannabis advocate in Hawaii makes an unusual argument in court.

State of the Leaf: Setback in Michigan, Progress in Vermont, and a Three-Way Race in Montana

Michigan's ballot measure hits a snag, more qualifying conditions come to Vermont, and Israel unveils 2-year study of cannabis patients.

The Shake: Minnesotans Seeing MMJ’s Benefits, and Michigan Falls Short on Signatures

Vermont expands qualifying conditions, Guam eyes decriminalization, Oregon nibbles new edibles, and why are Aussies backpedaling on MMJ?

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