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Atlanta Just Decriminalized Cannabis

On Monday, the Atlanta City Council voted to pass a bill that would decriminalize possession of up to an ounce.

New Hampshire Decrim Kicks In On Saturday

Starting tomorrow, you won't face jail time for simple cannabis possession in any New England state.

Vermont’s Supreme Court to Consider Cannabis ‘Sniff Test’

Vermont’s highest court is set to consider a case involving whether the simple smell of cannabis constitutes legal grounds to search and seize a driver’s vehicle.

Australian States Split on Medical Cannabis

As states take an array of approaches to regulating medical cannabis, some are calling for more consistency from the federal government.

New Hampshire Just Decriminalized Cannabis Possession

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has signed a bill to remove criminal penalties for possessing small amounts of cannabis.

Drug Policy Alliance: Time to Decriminalize, NYC Racial Disparities Remain

The Drug Policy Alliance, a leading advocacy group, released a report Tuesday calling for an end to criminal penalties for drug use and possession.

16 Years Later: What Happened After Portugal Decriminalized Drugs in 2001?

Portugal’s drug decriminalization has been in effect since 2001, so we looked at the stats to see what impact it’s had on their society.

New Hampshire Cannabis Decriminalization Bill Heads to Governor

New Hampshire moved a step closer to joining the rest of New England in decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana.

Brooklyn DA Challenges Sessions, Says Decriminalization Works

Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez has long advocated against prosecuting low-level marijuana crimes, especially since taking office in 2016.

Why Cannabis Reform Crashed in Texas

Last week two bills were sailing through the Texas House. Both were dead by Saturday. What happened?

New Hampshire on Verge of Decriminalizing Cannabis Possession

If the bill becomes law as expected, the Granite State will remove criminal penalties for possession of up to 3/4 oz. of cannabis.

State of the Leaf: Congressman Urges Trump to Respect State Cannabis

State of the Leaf is Leafly’s weekly roundup of legalization news from around the nation and the world.

Tennessee Lawmakers Pass Bill to Block Local Decriminalization

The Legislature has passed a bill that would bar cities in Tennessee from decriminalizing possession of small amounts of cannabis.

Hold the Applause: Israel’s Decrim Law Ain’t All That

It's a half-step that has Israeli advocates less than thrilled.

Houston is Getting a New Cannabis Decriminalization Policy

A new push to focus law enforcement resources on more dangerous crimes could pave the way for decriminalizing cannabis in Texas.

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