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The Shake: The Feds’ Big Eradication Spend and the Massachusetts Smackdown

More and more doctors want cannabis to be legal, Mexico's president is MIA from the U.N. summit, and did someone say, "dragon balls"?

The Shake: SCOTUS Rejects Colorado Lawsuit, Racial Disparities Persist, and Infused Nutella is a Thing Now

Arrest data paint an unflattering picture, the federal government criticizes its own handling of cannabis, and cannabis growers look to farmers for inspiration.

Treating MMJ Patients in Illinois: One Doctor’s Perspective

To gain a better understanding of Illinois' new medical pilot program, Leafly spoke with Chicago doctor Rahul Khare of Innovative Express Care.

How to Find a Doctor or Clinic That Specializes in Medical Marijuana Recommendations

This quick step-by-step guide will help you locate a doctor or clinic that can legally recommend medical marijuana to help treat your illness or symptoms.

92% of California Medical Marijuana Patients Said Cannabis Has Helped Them

Of a representative health survey of California adults, one in 20 have used medical cannabis, with 92% attesting medical cannabis was helpful in treating their disease or illness.

Doctors and Universities, It’s Your Turn to Start Thinking About Medical Marijuana Differently

It's time for not just physicians and universities, but everyone in general, to open their minds and sympathize with those who aren't as fortunate to have good health.