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SSDP 2017 Conference

March 24 – 26 SSDP2017 SSDP2017 will bring more than 400 student members, alumni, and supporters to Portland, Oregon March […]

What Are Popcorn Cannabis Buds?

Learn more about popcorn buds, where you can acquire them, and the different ways you can use them to enhance your cannabis consumption experience.

Munch and Learn: Cannabis Marketing: Branding, PR and Advertising

RSVP!! January 18th, 2017 Munch and Learn   January’s Munch & Learn is all about Marketing! Olivia Mannix will be […]

Cannabis Science Conference

August 28-30 Cannabis Science Conference Cannabis Science Conference is the world’s largest cannabis science expo. Our conference pulls together cannabis […]

Get Ready for Endocannabinoid System (ECS) Week

Get ready for Endocannabinoid System (ECS) Week, an article series exploring what the ECS is and how it works to produce the effects of cannabis.

What Influences Degradation of THC and Other Cannabinoids?

Learn the main factors that influence the degradation of the cannabinoids in cured cannabis flowers, and find out how to slow down the process.

Holistic Nursing and the Endocannabinoid Connection

Friday, September 30th Holistic Nursing and the Endocannabinoid Connection Why this training?  This course will be a beautiful collision that […]

What Are Trichomes and Why Do They Exist on Cannabis?

Learn more about trichomes – those little crystals found on cannabis strains – including their function, the different types, and their lifecycle.

Can You Get Away with Mailing Cannabis Through the USPS?

Learn about the relationship between the United States Postal Service and drug shippers, and find out how laws affect those thinking of mailing cannabis.

All-Inclusive Cannabis Academy & Grow School

Saturday & Sunday, June 18th & 19th Louisville, Kentucky Research shows that 14 more states will legalize marijuana for recreational […]

Hemp Farming Field Trip

Saturday, June 11 Hemp Farming Field Trip Do you enjoy hands on learning? This field trip is for you. Join us […]

Hemp Farm Field Trip + Cannabis Academy

Saturday & Sunday, June 11th & 12th All Inclusive Weekend: Hemp Farm Field Trip + Cannabis Academy Interested in attending the […]

The Shake: U.N. Drug Summit Begins With Fireworks, and DEA Science Stinks

Researchers in California are designing cannabis sobriety tests, D.C. lawmakers ban cannabis cafés, and New Zealand police make an oopsie.

What is Shake?

Is it a bad thing? We talked to budtenders, dispensary managers, and cannabis connoisseurs to find out.

Does D.A.R.E. Still Think Cannabis is a Gateway Drug? Nobody Knows

A discovery on Reddit leads Leafly on a wild goose chase involving one of America's best-known anti-drug programs.

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