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Election 2018

Oklahoma Conservatives’ Views on Medical Marijuana Evolving

Conservative support for a medical marijuana measure on Tuesday's ballot could ensure Oklahoma joins the growing list of states that have legalized some form of cannabis.

Pro-Cannabis Candidates Clean Up In California Primary Election 2018

Winning pols knew which way the vapor was blowing.

What to Watch for in California’s Primary on Tuesday

California's June 5 primary acts as a microcosm of US cannabis politics, with advocates on the left and right. Here are the highlights.

Michigan GOP Leaders Face Off Over Cannabis Legalization Initiative

The Legislature could adopt the citizen-initiated legalization bill—which would enable lawmakers to later amend it—or do nothing and let it go on the ballot.

With State Senate Bid, Cannabis Pro Leaps Into Politics

The 2016 presidential election helped launch cannabis-industry veteran Jessa Lewis into politics. Now she's running for state Senate.

Missouri MMJ Measures Take Another Step Toward November Ballot

Supporters of legalizing medical cannabis in Missouri have turned in signatures for two ballot initiatives that would let voters decide the issue.

DC’s Cannabis Confusion Could Be Solved by Maryland Voters

Allison Galbraith wants to unseat Maryland Rep. Andy Harris, who's blocking cannabis sales in the nation's capital.

Michigan GOP Considers Legalizing Now to Depress Voter Turnout This Fall

It may sound crazy, but this theory shows how popular legalization is in 2018.

Michigan Has the Signatures for Full Legalization Measure in November

Next step: Ballot certification by the state on Thursday.

This 60 Minutes Reporter Could Bounce a Legalization Advocate From Congress

Rep. Tom Garrett, a Virginia Republican, has introduced legislation in Congress to legalize cannabis nationwide.

Cynthia Nixon: Support for Legalizing Marijuana Is a Racial Issue

"We have to stop putting people of color in jail for something that white people do with impunity," said the actor and candidate New York governor.

New Marijuana Laws in Utah Won’t Stop Ballot Initiative

One patient advocate said she applauds the state's recent move to regulate the sale of cannabis oils but that most of the legislation is hollow.

Illinois Senate Approves Marijuana Ballot Question

Illinois voters would be able to say whether they support legalizing adult-use cannabis under a proposal lawmakers have approved.

Bipartisan Proposal Would Put Cannabis Legalization on Arizona Ballot

Voters would have another chance to weigh in on legalizing marijuana in Arizona under a proposal in the state House.

Nebraska Proposal Would Put Medical Marijuana on 2018 Ballot

A Nebraska state senator is proposing a ballot measure that would give Nebraska voters the chance to legalize medical marijuana in November.

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