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Missouri Just Legalized Medical Marijuana. What’s Next?

November 6, 2018
Medical marijuana goes legal in Missouri—coverage on Leafly.
Medical marijuana goes legal in Missouri—coverage on Leafly.
Missouri voters enacted medical cannabis legalization through Amendment 2 Tuesday night, driving the issue deep into its final US battlegrounds—the Midwest and South. Amendment 2 passed with 61% of the vote.

The strange election saw three medical cannabis legalization measures, two of which voters rejected. Amendment 3 failed, 30% yes to 69% no Tuesday night, with 71% of precincts reporting. Proposition C failed 41% yes to 58% no.

The midterm elections in Missouri saw a relatively massive voter turnout of 54%, according to early estimates.

Is Medical Cannabis Legal as of Nov. 7?

Whoa there, Tex. Not exactly. You’ve got to get a doctor’s note for it, then get it from a licensed dispensary or grow your own. That’s going to take a bit of time.

What Conditions Qualify?

Amendment 2 sets out a clear number of medical conditions that qualify for treatment with medical cannabis. Those include:

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Intractable migraines
  • Conditions that cause persistent pain or muscle spasms, including MS, Parkinson’s disease, and Tourette’s syndrome.
  • Debilitating psychiatric disorders such as PTSD
  • HIV or AIDS
  • A chronic medical condition normally treated with prescription medication that can lead to dependence, when a physician determines that medical marijuana could be an effective and safer treatment. (This is most commonly used with regard to prescription opioids.)
  • Any terminal illness
  • Hepatitis C
  • ALS
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Autism
  • Neuropathies
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cachexia
  • Wasting disease
  • Any other chronic or debilitating medical condition that, in the professional judgment of a physician, might be helped by the use of medical cannabis.

How Much Can I Possess?

According to the text of the initiative, the state can set monthly patient sales limits, but not at less than four ounces of flower. A note from two doctors can raise a patient’s sales limits.

The state can set patient possession limits, too, but not at less than sixty days supply of flower. A note from two doctors can raise a patient’s sales limits.

Can I Buy Or Sell It?

You’ll be able to buy it one day from dispensaries, with a doctor’s note and state identification card.

Doctors will be able to prescribe cannabis for one of 10 medical conditions, including cancer, PTSD, chronic pain, and Parkinson’s disease.

You can’t sell medical cannabis in Missouri without extensive licensing. Not less than 24 licensed dispensaries would sell it to patients. It’s not covered by health insurance.

The law taxes cannabis at 4%. The money goes to veterans in Missouri.

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When Will Medical Dispensaries Open?

Amendment 2 requires the state begin taking applications for qualifying patients no later than June 4, 2019.

The state also must begin accepting applications for dispensaries no later than August 3, 2019. The state must process dispensary applications within 150 days of receiving them. It could be a while after that, depending on the other parts of the system.

Where Can I Use Medical Cannabis?

Not in a public place “unless provided by law.”


Election 2018: Cannabis Legalization Coverage and Results

What About Driving?

It’s illegal to drive “under the influence of marijuana.”

Can I Get Fired For Using Medical Cannabis?

On the job? Sure. Amendment 2 has nothing in it that “permits a person to bring a claim against any employer… [for] prohibiting … being under the influence of marijuana while at work.”

Off the job, it depends, but probably.

Can I Grow It At Home?

Patients or their caregivers would be allowed to grow up to six plants in an “enclosed,” “locked” “facility that is equipped with security devices” limiting access. Collective personal medical gardens could max out at 18 plants.

Amendment 2 came from a patient, doctor, and veteran coalition New Approach Missouri.

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David Downs

David Downs directs news and lifestyle coverage as the California Bureau Chief for He's written for WIRED, Rolling Stone and Billboard, and is the former cannabis editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as the author of several cannabis books including 'Marijuana Harvest' by Ed Rosenthal and David Downs. He co-hosts The Hash podcast. TW: @davidrdowns | IG @daviddowns

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  • DealOrNoDeal

    Finally an alternative to twenty years use of Percocet and Xanax. I can’t wait to start medicating with marijuana alternatives. Thanks Missouri voters!

    • David Robinson

      The problem is..Missouri physcians DO NOT want to give you permission/note to get your card,us 100% disabled Missouri veterans are the most screwed by this stupid,un-thoughought law because our primary care provider is the VA which cannot sign a note for us..we are screwed and so are you by this amendment to our state constitution. Many will be forced to remain in the shadows.

  • I’m so proud of Missouri for entering the 21st century!

    • Leafly is Biased

      Since only 8 states had MMJ in the 20th century, that isn’t a fair statement. This would mean the USA is in the 20th century but some states within are ahead?

  • Akira G

    Three different measures proposed for essentially the same thing, but only one of them was voted “yes” – were the other measures bundled with other amendments and propositions? Or are people not reading the ballots?

    • Captain Jim

      The least restrictive measure, the one that does the most for sick individuals, not huge pharmaceutical corporations, won by a landslide. Just the way it you’d expect it should be.

    • Blaster Boat

      luckily people read rather closely as the other two options were garbage.

    • BadSquirrel

      Actually, voters essentially chose from 3 radically different systems of regulating and taxing cannabis. Luckily, enough people did read the ballot measures that Missouri voters chose what is, IMHO, a very sensible and sane approach to introducing legal cannabis (I live in MO and am so relieved and grateful that out of the 3, this measure passed).

      Neither of the other 2 options allowed people to grow anything for personal use, and both imposed much higher taxes. One was kind of just… too vague to be sure it was going to work, and the other option (Amendment 3) is rather embarrassing to even have made it to the ballot. Many people here in MO are eager to start the legalization process, and so any step in that direction easily got enough signatures to be on the ballot. In the unlikely chance anyone is interested, the full text is here ( and if you actually read it, it’s absolutely nucking futs. Basically a narcissistic local attorney somehow got people to almost vote to amend the state constitution to make him (specifically Brad, the guy who wrote the amendment) the untouchable, omnipotent, and taxpayer-funded cannabis kingpin. Essentially, it provided that he and his friends become a new state agency that would control all aspects of the cannabis industry in the state, but they would not have to answer to any other state entity. In return they would put a minority percentage of their profits into the state”s coffers. It even had specific provisions that required anyone involved to be personally selected by him, paid specific, high-salaries, and that he and his chosen could do “anything legally feasible” to acquire land and money for his new biomedical research lab and cultivation facility (up to a modest 36 square miles in size), that from what I read seemed mostly focused on making a profit for Brad’s new personal state agency and unregulated, MMJ tax-funded cash cow.

      …pardon the rant. I’m not an expert in this field, and I am certainly mis-quoting some of the actual provisions of Amendment 3, but it’s still too close for comfort to what I’ve described.

      OK, so maybe this Brad is a real swell guy, but thankfully the people weren’t willing to bet the fate of cannabis in MO on whether or not an attorney who advertises on the back of the phone book would choose not to abuse his unsupervised and complete control over the entire MMJ industry for personal gain at the expense of… well, the rest of the state. I mean, does a bear shit in the woods?

    • Chase Winchester

      The measure that passed is a missouri constitutional amendment that imposed a 4% tax and allowed for patients to grow up to 6 plants at home. The other was also an amendment but did not alow home grow, had tax of 15% and gave all controll to one person with no state oversight (which failed miserably thank goodness) and the third measure also not allowing home grow, was juat a state law and would have needed subsequent rulings to go into effect so it was shot down as well. The best option won for sure.

  • Caleb Michael

    What qualifying conditions will there be?

  • Dale Wood

    Since They removed my right Kidney * did away with all of my insids & opioids Been living on PAIN -now to try & get some
    relief from the VA & State of Missouri

  • Leafly is Biased

    It is law and decriminalized 06DEC18 with a doctors letter showing your approved condition. Grow will be once you obtain a card probably around SEP2019

  • Leafly is Biased

    18, I think you can get it as a youth with the proper parental permissions and MD approval and such.. Try CBD, it has been a life saver for me. Most CBD is junk though. Let me know if you want the names of actual good stuff that works well.

  • I believe once you get a note from a doctor, you are good to go.

  • good luck….i would love to be a caregiver and grow outdoors

  • David Robinson

    Colorado/California big M biz is going to snatch up all dispensary/grow licensces,you don’t have an ice cubes chance in HELL of getting one..but..THEY will keep your $6,000 non-refundable up front fee.

  • Stanthe man

    I think recreational marijuana is what Missouri needs. The Drs. I looked up want $300 just to get an appointment. I have been disabled for over 15 years and am now retired. I have had Drs. offer to prescribe me opiods due to pain, and turned it down. Marijuana works period. Do I need a Dr. to tell me to smoke some weed? I think not.