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New Report Highlights Growing UK Support for Medical Cannabis

Public debate in the UK is shifting focus from whether the country should regulate medical cannabis to how it should be done.

Hit Up These International Cannabis Events to Celebrate 4/20 and Support Cannabis

If you're traveling abroad and looking for an event to attend so you can show your support for the cannabis movement, check out these options happening in April and May.

The Shake: British Liberals Back Legalization, a Dabbing Granny Goes Viral, and the High-Tech Future of Cannabis

In today's cannabis news: Oregon cops eye impaired driving, Israel explores exports, and a grandma tries her first dab.

Weekend Weirdness: Pigeons Reveal Secret Cannabis Grow

Pigeons sure seem to be attracted to cannabis in some way. Recently a flock of them inadvertently ratted (or would it be "birded" in this instance?) out an illegal grow operation.