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How to Combine Yoga and Cannabis: A Beginner’s Experience

Follow the journey of a cannabis and yoga beginner who paired the two for the first time, and explore the strains and yoga videos involved.

The Runner’s High and the Endocannabinoid System

We’ve all heard of the “runner’s high,” but what is it? Learn more about this post-workout sensation and how it relates to the endocannabinoid system.

These Pro MMA Fighters Don’t Just Use Cannabis, They Embrace It

UFC contenders and jiu jitsu world champions meet up this weekend in America’s first “CannaAthlete Seminar” in San Jose.

5 Ways Runners Can Incorporate Cannabis into Their Training

If you're a runner who's cannabis-curious, here are some ways you can utilize strains and topicals for your benefit while you train for your next race.

5 Things That are Chemically Similar to a Cannabis High

Things as diverse as exercise to guilty pleasure foods can deliver sensations that are chemically similar to cannabis's psychoactive effects.

The Best Cannabis Strains for Hiking, Camping and Backpacking (As Told by Leafly Reviews)

What are the best outdoorsy cannabis strains? Leafly reviewers share their picks for the best indicas, sativas and hybrids to take camping, hiking, backpacking, and adventuring.

Leafly Science Roundup: Can Cannabis Improve Your Workout?

Cannabis doesn't make you anxious or depressed, a new study says. The DEA walks back its argument on stoned bunnies. And the effort to develop for a cannabis breathalyzer could be harder than you think. That and more in the (first-ever!) Leafly science roundup.

Yoga, Cannabis, and You: 6 Best Practices for Pairing Yoga with Marijuana

Thinking of using cannabis to relax, calm your thinking, and ease some aches and pains before you practice yoga? Here are six considerations to keep in mind.

Think Cannabis Limits Your Athletic Ability? These Sports Stars Dispel That Myth

Here are eight elite athletes that are recognized for both their accolades in their sport and their connection to cannabis.

2014: Intellectual Revolutions Demand Elevated Resolutions

At Leafly we talk a lot about elevating the cannabis conversation -- moving beyond the confines of the stereotypical pot culture. We think the same can be done for resolutions. Join us!

Three Things Everyone Should Know About Cannabis and Exercise

Forget that "lazy stoner" stereotype -- cannabis and exercise have more in common than you think.