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Gary Johnson Forgives Former Cabinet Member in Cannabis Conflict

The Libertarian presidential candidate says he's happy that former Public Safety Secretary Darren White has come around and endorsed cannabis legalization.

10 Things We Learned About Gary Johnson From The New Yorker

Looking for an alternative to the two major party candidates? Consider Libertarian Gary Johnson, who’s not only a proud cannabis consumer — he used the be in the business himself.

The Shake: Cannabaristas, Helping the Homeless, and CBD Oil Massages

All eyes are on U.S. cannabis policy in advance of a special United Nations summit, Israeli companies are drawing American investments, and a man is rewarded for being punched repeatedly in the face.

The Medical Minute: 3 Things We Can Learn From Cannabis, Ebola, and Awkward TV Interviews

Former New Mexico governor and current Cannabis Sativa, Inc. CEO Gary Johnson tested the limits of public skepticism by claiming that cannabis might be an effective treatment for Ebola.