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Here’s How to Pack the Perfect Stash Box

Ever wondered whether you’re missing something in your stash box? Check our list of the 12 items every cannabis stash needs to be sure yours is complete.

Infographic: The Fastest-Trending Cannabis Strain in Every State in 2017

As compared with 2016, this year sees searches for indicas soar and a more diverse selection of lesser-known strains piquing interest across the nation.

The Leafly Cannabis and Coffee Pairing Guide

Find the ideal balance between your favorite strain and the perfect cup of coffee to go with it. Our guide covers basics of pairing by flavors and effects.

5 Differences Between the United States’ and Canada’s Medical Cannabis Programs

Canada and the United States share many similarities, but there are subtle differences in each country's medical marijuana programs.

Travel Infographic: Know Your Rights

If you have cannabis in your car and get pulled over by law enforcement, don't panic! Know your rights and protect yourself.

Legal Cannabis in Nevada: What to Know

Legal adult-use cannabis is coming to Nevada! Here's what you need to know about possession amounts, where you can consume, and more.

The Leafly Guide to Pairing Cannabis With Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are integral to cooking—and cannabis should be, too! Use our handy infographic to pair the perfect strain with your favorite flavors.

Guns or Cannabis: Which Is More Strictly Regulated?

In Colorado, there's no shortage of gun enthusiasts or cannabis connoisseurs. But you might be surprised at which is more taxed, tracked, and regulated.

Infographic: Here’s How Many Stoners Have Died in Horror Movies

Pack a bowl and light up in remembrance of these stoner characters from the past four and a half decades of horror movies who didn't live to see another J.

Infographic: The Fastest-Trending Cannabis Strain in Every State (and DC) in 2016

What are the fastest-trending cannabis strains in every market? From Blue Dream to Chemdawg, learn what your customers and friends are searching for on Leafly in 2016.

The Leafly Beer & Cannabis Flavor Pairing Guide

Smoking and sipping have long gone hand in hand. Just as you might match fine Scotch with cigars, learn how to make bud and beer pairing an equally refined pursuit.

Infographic: How Do Cannabis Terpenes Affect the Body?

Terpenes are fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity. They’re what give Blueberry its signature berry smell and Sour Diesel its funky fuel flavor.

Indica or Sativa: What’s Your Cannabis Preference?

Is indica or sativa your favorite? We asked our social media followers which cannabis variety they prefer, and their answers may surprise you.

What Does One Gram of Cannabis Look Like? A Visual Guide to Cannabis Quantities

From a half-gram to an ounce, this infographic is all you need to identify cannabis quantities.

Which Oregon City Has the Most Dispensaries? The State of the Leaf: Oregon Edition

Here's a highlight of a few key points about Oregon’s cannabis market. Check out our infographic detailing Oregon’s top dispensaries, top strains, and more!

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