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Canadian Cannabis Producer Tilray Files Paperwork for Nasdaq IPO

The Canadian licensed producer filed paperwork Wednesday in preparation of going public on the US-based Nasdaq stock exchange.

Investing in Australia’s Cannabis Industry: 5 Companies to Watch

Australia’s emerging cannabis industry offers investors options to participate. Financial analyst Alan Brochstein weighs in.

Friendlier Feds Change the Game for Cannabis Stocks

Trump's Friday announcement of a more hands-off federal approach to legal cannabis sent stocks soaring. Here's how to play it.

Investing in CBD Companies? Watch Out for These Warning Signs

Public interest in cannabidiol (CBD), the non-intoxicating cannabinoid, has skyrocketed in the past year. But not all CBD producers are the same.

Dow’s Big One-Day Drop Doesn’t Hurt Cannabis Stocks

Cannabis stocks aren't impervious, they just had their big tumble in the previous weeks.

Privateer Holdings Closes $100m Funding Round, Pledges $5m to Repair Drug War Damage

The industry's leading private equity firm brings its total investment to $200m, while pledging $5m+ to communities most harmed by the war on drugs.

How a Cannabis Ban Turned One California County Into ‘Ground Zero for Chaos’

Hungry for tax revenue, Calaveras County licensed hundreds of commercial cannabis farms in recent years. Now it wants them gone, leaving growers in the lurch.

Investing in Cannabis Extraction: 5 Companies to Watch

The extraction process is fueling the boom in vaping, edibles, and concentrates. Who's profiting from the trend?

MassRoots Meltdown: 7 Warning Signs Investors Should Have Heeded

Investment columnist Alan Brochstein examines the warning signs that investors might have heeded.

Investing: Canopy Growth & MedReleaf Rally Past Weak Near-Term Results

Both companies missed analysts' revenue predictions, but investors didn't seem to care.

Australian Cannabis Stocks Climb Amid Licensing Announcements

Cann Group charted a new high on news that it secured an import/export license for cannabis products, while penny stock The Hydroponics Company was also up.

Cannabis Investing: Does Revenue Even Matter?

Revenue generation isn't always rewarded by the stock market. Here's how to read revenue figures, and why you should dive deeper before investing.

3 Canadian Companies Are Making Big US Cannabis Investments

Canadian Bioceutical, iAnthus Capital, and Liberty Health Sciences are moving capital south of the border.

Investing in Cannabis? Consider Going Global With Canadian Companies

Use the loonie to invest overseas: Canadian companies are involved in cannabis ventures on five continents.

5 Ways to Avoid Cannabis Stock Investment Scams

Are those 'employees' just models? Does the phone go straight to voicemail? Look for these and other red flags.

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