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Kitchener Cannabis Festival Hopes to Roll World’s Longest Joint

Will Guinness World Records show up?

7 Factors That Affect Your Cannabis High

Setting, delivery method, dosing, and other factors combine to create an experience while on cannabis. Here's what else can affect your high.

Meet the Makers Behind Canadian Lumber Rolling Papers

The Halifax company is Canada's first premium rolling paper producer.

Canada’s Biggest Legal Joint — We Rolled It!

If this doobie got any bigger, it would need a joint custody agreement.

Which Is More Potent, Vaping Cannabis or Smoking a Joint?

A recent study found that vaping delivers more pronounced effects than an old-fashioned joint.

The OTTO Joint Machine Has Something for Everyone

No matter how you like to consume your cannabis, the artificially intelligent cannabis grinder OTTO can help get a precise grind that's great for smooth-smoking joints and much more.

A Gift Guide for Joint Rollers

Glass nerds will always appreciate a pretty pipe or one-hitter. But what do you give the person who needs little more than some cannabis and a tiny sheet of paper?

Leafly’s Holiday Gifts: $100-$200

If you're planning to go above and beyond when it comes to holiday shopping, make it count with some of these fantastic selections for your favorite cannabis afficianado.

Leafly’s Holiday Gifts: Under $25

From practical smoking supplies to flashy accessories, you'll be surprised how many boxes you can check off your holiday cannabis shopping list for under $25.

Meet Cody Van Gogh: The Canadian Creating Smokeable Works of Art

High art.

We Heard These Are the Best Places to Smoke a Joint in Every Legal State

These places in legal states offer the perfect environment to light up your favorite strain. (Just make sure you fully understand local laws first!)

What Are You Smoking? Episode 41: Meet OTTO, The Joint-Rolling Robot

This week on What Are You Smoking, we sit down with OTTO, the joint-rolling robot from Banana Bros and chat with inventor David Richmond about how artificial intelligence can bring you a better smoke.

Saving Elephants One 24k Gold Joint at a Time

What may be the world's most expensive joint—valued at $24,000—was auctioned off to benefit the African Wildlife Foundation. Sadly the entire room didn't get to share it with its new owner.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 38: Perfecting Pre-Rolls With the Saints Joints Founder

Will and Bailey sit down with Larry Perigo, one of the founders of Saints Joints, for a conversation about great joints, premium packaging, and collaboration in the cannabis industry.

A Joint to Remember

While savoring a Tarantula pre-roll, we asked Leafly staffers—and our content partners at Ganja Gold—about some of the most memorable joints they've ever smoked. Here are a couple of the stories they shared.

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