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Rolling up Leafly’s Strain of the Year, Dosidos, with a little help from Hemper

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Presented ByHemper December 30, 2021


A strain this good deserves a high-quality roll. Hemper can help with that.

Nothing lets you experience the texture, aromas, and taste of a fine cannabis strain quite like a good, old-fashioned joint—so to fully appreciate what makes Dosidos Leafly’s Strain of the Year, it’s time to get rolling. Like taking the time to properly taste a fine wine, rolling a joint gives you ample opportunity to feel out the depth of some good bud.

Dosidos is Leafly’s 2021 Strain of the Year

There’s a lot to love about Dosidos, a warm bath of an indica strain descended from heavy, potent Face Off Kush and cozy, relaxing OG Kush Breath. Its sparkling trichomes blanket a kaleidoscope of lime green and lavender leaves, punctuated by orange hairs. The enveloping, earthy aroma has complex sweet and floral notes. To really savor its strengths, it helps to get hands-on.

In addition to beautiful and complex glassware like dab rigs and bongs, smoking accessory retailer Hemper uses its cannabis know-how to help you perfect every step of the joint-rolling ritual so you can slow down and fully appreciate the pungent aromas, crystalline trichomes, and dense foliage of quality weed.

How to roll a joint

Here’s how to slow down and appreciate Dosidos’ perfection with clutch assistance from choice Hemper products for every part of the process.

Getting a good grind

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Courtesy of Hemper

With quality, fresh cannabis, a good grind isn’t just going to break your weed up. When you load up your Dosidos, take note of the dense, sticky resin—and when you pop your grinder back open, notice the blossoming aroma from the fluffy leaves.

A trichome-heavy strain like Dosidos really deserves a four-piece grinder like Hemper’s Aluminum Grinder. Up top, you have the grinder itself, but two more layers assure nothing is wasted: A screen below the grinder catches your leaves, while a catcher layer below the screen gathers sifted trichomes.

Those trichomes are rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, so you won’t want to waste them! Sweep up the contents of your kief catcher and sprinkle it over your joint before you roll it.

Hemper’s grinder is an essential part of your joint-rolling setup, and it comes in six colors to help make your kit reflect your personality. 

Tasting Dosidos with Smoke DZA aka The Kush God

Filters made easy

Hemper smoking accessories
Courtesy of Hemper

While assembling a crutch or using a filter tip is technically optional, it helps make sure that none of your Dosidos gets wasted by flying into your mouth while you’re toking. Some smokers use stray pieces of cardboard or business cards as makeshift crutches, but Hemper’s Perforated Filter Tips are way more foolproof. Plus, unlike scraps from your recycling bin, you know exactly what’s in Hemper’s tips: chemical-free hemp fiber made without using chlorine.

Before rolling, use the perforated rectangles at the end of each sheet to make an accordion shape, then roll the whole thing to the desired thickness of your joint. This way, you’re only inhaling smoke, and you’ll be able to enjoy every last bit of your Dosidos without burning your hand.

Put it all on paper

Now it’s time to actually get the cannabis from your grinder into your rolling paper—but not all rolling papers are the same. The wrong paper could burn too fast, add unwanted taste, or disintegrate before you can even start smoking. Hemper’s Notes Luxury Papers, printed with a $100 bill design, are made from super-fine, durable hemp that’s easy to roll and lets you fully experience and savor the fruity, earthy taste of Dosidos.

Courtesy of Hemper

Rolling papers with graphics on them are super fun—but can hide all kinds of strange chemicals and dyes. Notes Luxury Papers are printed with nontoxic soy coloring so you can focus on your cannabis worry-free.

Once you have your paper, place your filter tip on one end and sprinkle around a half-gram to a gram inside. If you find yourself losing a lot of cannabis in the process, invest in a rolling tray like Hemper’s It’s Lit tray. It’ll keep your space clean, safely gather up any stray cannabis, and add a layer of ritual to the process.

Courtesy of Hemper

Before you roll and seal your joint, make sure to pack the plant material down into the right shape. To do this, gently pinch the paper in your fingertips and roll gently back and forth. This will help your cannabis stay in place, prevent the need to re-light, and make rolling much, much easier.

Fortunately, Dosidos is a pretty sticky-icky strain, making it a little easier to pack!

Roll and seal

It’s time for the moment of truth! Tuck in the unglued side of the paper and roll it all up. Carefully seal the paper by moistening the glue strip and securing it starting at one end and working your way to the other. Starting with the filter tip side is going to be the easier route.

The Leafly Strain of the Year 2021 is Dosidos!

If you’re consistently having trouble with this step, you can use a rolling machine like the kind used for hand-rolled cigarettes. Hemper stocks several different brands.

Once you’re all rolled up and sealed, take a second to gently pack the open end of your joint with something like the butt of a pen. If you’re using a Clipper lighter, pop out the flint—it doubles as a poking tool! Seal up that side with a little twist and voila, you have a joint.

Light it up!

Hemper smoking accessories
Courtesy of Hemper

If you’re looking to get maximum flavor from Dosidos’ tasty terp profile, there’s a gentler way to go about it than simply torching it up with a lighter. Hemp wicks like Hemper Tech’s Organic Beeswax Hempwick act as a go-between for your lighter and your joint. Because it burns at a lower temperature, you can reduce the risk of scorching your flower, so you’ll get a smoother smoke with a fuller flavor. You’ll also avoid tasting the fuel or inhaling by-products from your lighter. Add a little tidiness and class to your space with the nearly-indestructible Hemper Cannaflage silicone ashtray.

If you’re still using a typical plastic sparkwheel lighter, try upgrading to Clipper. The size and price point are roughly the same, only Clipper is refillable. It’s also built for cannabis: We already went over the hidden poking tool, and its round shape is perfect for packing bowls.

Hemper smoking accessories
Courtesy of Hemper

Not ready to light up just yet? Don’t trust your joint to a baggie! A hard-shell holder like Hemper’s Doob Tube is going to preserve your hard work so your joint stays ready to smoke no matter what pocket you shove it into.

Hemper has you set for all your joint-rolling needs, but if glass is more your style, they’ve got you more than covered in that arena as well—check out the Hemper website to see the full catalog.

And if you want key essentials like these joint-rolling highlights and more awesomeness like glass and new products delivered to your door every month, check out the legendary Hemper Box, a headshop in a box by subscription.

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