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Dutch Police Raided Nearly 6,000 Cannabis Grows Last Year, Still Can’t Keep Up

Despite multiple raids a day by an extremely active anti-cannabis police task force, authorities can barely make a dent in illegal production.

Join Leafly at Hanfparade, Germany’s Biggest Cannabis Festival

Germany's high hopes for cannabis reform will be on display Aug. 13 as advocates descend on Berlin for a peaceful demonstration to legalize the herb.

After 60 Years of Prohibition, Hemp in Greece is Making a Comeback

Some in Greece see the country's newly legal hemp industry as a driver for economic prosperity.

Die Hanfparade 2016 in Berlin: Legalisierung liegt in der Luft

Weltweit wird in vielen Ländern über die Legalisierung diskutiert.

Medical Cannabis in Europe: Supply Shortages and Limited Selection

European politicians are mulling plans to expand medical cannabis options, but until the talk becomes reality it’s still slim pickings for Europeans in need.

German, Italian Lawmakers Debate Bills to Expand Cannabis Access

Medical use is up for discussion in Germany, while Italian officials will mull both medical and adult-use consumption.

Rules Loosened on Utrecht Cannabis Coffeeshops, Part of Growing Push for Dutch Reform

Forty years of cannabis policy in the Netherlands has led to an almost unworkable situation for coffeeshops. In Utrecht, it's getting better.

Tenerife: Is This Canary Island a Cannabis Travel Destination?

The Spanish island of Tenerife has panoramic vistas and cannabis aplenty. But think twice before planning your vacation.

New Research Sheds Light on Cannabis’s Bronze Age Roots

Researchers at Berlin's Free University have been able to dig up new information about the role of cannabis among ancient civilizations.

Cannabis in Germany: Steer Clear of Bavaria

Germany's cannabis laws are liberalizing. But in Bavaria, officials want no part of it.

Europe Update: The Latest Cannabis News From the Continent

European attitudes toward cannabis are changing at a breakneck pace. Catch up on the most recent updates.

German Parliament Opens Talks on Medical Cannabis Bill

After years of pressure from patients and advocacy groups such as the German Hemp Association (DHV), the dream of securing unfettered access to medical cannabis in Europe’s most populous country is finally coming to fruition.

Meet Dusan Dvorak, High Priest of the European Cannabis Church

The story of Dvořák and his longtime fight for more sensible cannabis laws would make for a blockbuster Hollywood movie.

Are Tourists Allowed in Dutch Coffeeshops? The Strange Tale of the ‘Weed Pass’

When it comes to selling cannabis to foreigners, the pendulum of public acceptance in the Netherlands keeps on swinging.

In Photos: An Italian Photographer’s Powerful Images Help Patients Share Their Stories

Maria Novella De Luca's stunning photographs of Italian cannabis patients will move you.

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