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Cannabis Delivery Fraudsters Are Popping Up All Over Las Vegas

Imposters are using the logos of licensed retailers to deliver nasty weed and sketchy service.

Will ‘Microbusiness’ Licenses Let Craft Cannabis Flourish in California?

This special license allows small-scale operators to build the cannabis equivalent of microbreweries.

Texas Issues One of Three Planned Producer Licenses, But Questions Remain

Production of low-THC, high-CBD cannabis can begin in Texas, as the state’s Department of Public Safety granted one of three planned licenses Friday.

Amid MMJ Delays, Maryland Approves 8 New Cultivators

Maryland regulators approved eight medical cannabis cultivation licenses, and several of the companies say they’re ready to begin growing immediately.

Florida Medical Board to Vote on Cannabis Rules for Doctors

Florida health regulators will weigh in on several key cannabis issues this week, with the state Board of Medicine scheduled to vote on regulations.

Nevada Cannabis License Applications Stream in as Deadline Approaches

Today’s the final day to apply for a license to operate a Nevada cannabis business. A lot of applicants are already in line.

Maryland Grants First-Ever License to Grow Medical Cannabis

Four long years after Maryland lawmakers legalized cannabis for medical use, regulators have finally issued the state’s first license to grow the plant.

Oakland Licensing Plan Builds in Diversity and Reparations

Half of the city's cannabis licenses will be reserved for those impacted by the war on drugs.

The Results Are In: Arizona Awards 31 Medical Marijuana Licenses

The Arizona Department of Health Sciences awarded 31 new medical marijuana licenses last week out of 747 applications.

Who Got Medical Licenses in Seattle? You Might Be Surprised

Last week it became clear just how few of Seattle's unlicensed medical dispensaries will survive as the state transitions to a new licensing system.

Washington Expands Number of Retail Licenses

The cap on retail cannabis stores in Washington state will jump next year from 334 to 556, the Liquor and Cannabis Control Board announced Wednesday.