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Australian Cannabis Stocks Go Haywire Amid Secretive License Grants

What’s behind the volatility? It may come down to licenses—who has them and who doesn’t.

Plan Would Allow Las Vegas Cannabis Sales to Kick Off July 1

The proposal would allow nonmedical consumers—including millions of Las Vegas tourists—to purchase cannabis legally on July 1.

Maryland Governor Orders Diversity Study of Medical Cannabis Industry

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Thursday ordered a study of the state's developing medical cannabis industry to ensure opportunities for minority participation.

The Fate of Victoria’s First Legal Cannabis Crop

Victoria, Australia’s first state to legalize medical cannabis, harvested its first crop last year. Here's where it's headed.

Australian Cannabis Growers Lay out Plans for the Future

Three Australian cannabis companies outline outlined how they plan to build and grow their businesses in light of recent regulatory reforms.

House OKs Maryland Bill to Boost Minority Cannabis Businesses

"Less than 1 percent of the licenses held in the entire country are held by African Americans and other minorities," one state lawmaker noted.

Queensland Takes Lead as Australian Cannabis Stocks Soar

Queensland’s example suggests there’s a path that can both ensure access for patients and reap economic benefits for the region.

Ohioans Seek Residency Requirement for Cannabis Cultivation

Ohioans wanting to start a medical marijuana business are urging regulators to add a residency requirement, at least initially, for people seeking licenses.

Colorado’s First Drive-Through Cannabis Shop Will Open Next Month

The western Colorado town of Parachute is getting a drive-through cannabis shop, believed to be the first in the state. It's in an old car wash.

Calif. Bill Would Make Underage Sale Violations Sting

One state lawmaker is proposing a stiff penalty for a business caught selling cannabis to underage buyers: the loss of its state license.

Maryland Releases Names of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Finalists

The names of 102 finalists on the path to become licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in Maryland were made public Friday.

You Won’t Believe Australia’s Security Rules for Medical Cannabis

Guidelines released by the Australian government this week mandate unmarked vans, protected vaults, and pocketless clothes for employees.

Maryland Patients Still Waiting on Medical Marijuana

Maryland is on pace to have one of the slowest medical cannabis rollouts in the country. Patients across the state must skirt the law if they want to treat themselves.

Alaska’s Cannabis Market Almost Open, Just Waiting on Testing Labs

Nearly two years after voters legalized adult-use cannabis, Alaska still faces a few more hurdles before legal sales can begin.

Maryland Medical Marijuana Applicant Plans to Sue Over Lack of Diversity

A would-be grower plans to sue a Maryland commission for allegedly failing to consider racial diversity when the panel named the top 15 license applicants.

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