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5 Cannabis Accessories That Changed the Game

Cannabis prohibition couldn’t stop these trailblazers! Learn about how they created these 5 cannabis accessories that changed the game.

5 Cannabis Growers Who Changed the Game

Cannabis growers throughout history have sown the seeds for today's legal cannabis market. Learn more about how these five cultivators changed the game.

Microdosing Cannabis Edibles: Finding the Best Product for You

Microdosing cannabis edibles is a great way to take advantage of the benefits of THC & CBD. Explore which products deliver the best dose for you.

6 Cannabis Concentrates That Changed the Game

From history’s oldest cannabis concentrates to today’s high-tech extracts, learn about these innovative concentrate products that have changed the game when it comes to potency, diversity, and medical utility.

6 Cannabis Dispensaries That Changed the Game

Before legalization, cannabis dispensaries operated bravely in the shadow of the law to deliver cannabis to patients and consumers. Here are seven cannabis dispensaries that helped shape the modern era of cannabis.

5 Innovative Growing Products From Seattle Cannacon 2018

Check out some of the innovative cannabis growing products that stood out at this year's Seattle Cannacon.

5 Innovative Cannabis Products From Seattle Cannacon 2018

Check out some of the innovative and practical cannabis products that stood out at this year's Seattle Cannacon.

Which Cannabis Strains Are Highest in CBD, According to Lab Data?

CBD is great for combatting conditions like anxiety and pain, but which cannabis strains have the highest CBD content according to lab data? Read all about them in our helpful guide.

7 Cannabis Edibles That Changed the Game

Explore the history of our favorite “secret ingredient,” cannabis, through seven unique edibles that all changed the game.

These Are the Fastest-Trending Cannabis Products in Every State in 2017

Now that you can search cannabis products on Leafly, we reviewed our new data to determine this year's fastest-trending product in every state (and DC).

A Cannabis Judge’s 8 Favorite Products From the Humboldt County Cup

This writer went to Humboldt to judge a locals-only cannabis competition, and came away with eight favorite Humboldt products that everyone should try.

Everything You Need to Embrace ‘Hygge’ Culture With Cannabis

Hygge—the Danish concept of a cozy life—just so happens to pair perfectly with cannabis. Embrace the lifestyle with hemp blankets, pottery pipes, and more.

11 Unsung Cannabis Strains Worth Discovering

These 11 cannabis strains don't get enough love, and we want to change that. Here's why they're worth tracking down and paying attention to.

The 13 Best Cannabis Strains for Parties

From dinner parties to happy hour, there's a perfect cannabis strain for every type of get-together. These are the 13 you should have in your repertoire.

10 Secret Cannabis Containers That Will Truly Hide Your Stash

From smuggler belts to hollow bibles to lipstick pipes, there are plenty of ways to hide your stash in plain sight. Here, Dante Jordan lists his top 10.

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