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Microdosing Cannabis Edibles: Finding the Best Product for You

Microdosing has been causing a stir in the cannabis space, offering a mellow alternative to the more commonly found high-THC products. Advocates for the “less is more” approach point to smaller doses ramping up better benefits when it comes to THC and CBD. Take Shannon Barnett—the subject of a story we covered centering on the positive qualities of microdosing CBD—who found that just a couple of drops of infused tincture made a world of difference when addressing her chronic pain. A difference she hadn’t seen when trying stronger doses in a number of products.

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All bodies are different; 50mg of THC may produce in one person the same effects that 10mg THC delivers to another. You might find that a dose as low as 5mg THC is the sweet spot for you, especially if you’re looking to harness the benefits of cannabis without the jarring euphoria or paranoia.

But in an industry saturated by high-THC strains and products, what microdosing options are available to you? Hard-hitting chocolates, candies, drinks, and snacks line dispensary shelves, often sporting a cool 100+mg THC label promising to take you to new heights. But for those of us in need of toned-down relief, finding the right products can be similar to pulling teeth. So, we compiled a list of a few microdosed products with 5mg or less of THC or CBD per serving, from subtle mints to tasty tinctures, to take the guesswork out of your next dispensary visit.

Microdosing cannabis: benefits without the buzz

Mari Mints by Kalm Fusion

Weed Microdosing Edible Product #1: Mari Mints by Kalm Fusion

(Courtesy of Kalm)

Wintergreen and cooling menthol deliver an icy boost in the sought-after Mari Mints by Kalm Fusion. Each mint contains 5mg THC, making it the perfect edible to dose in a pinch.

Available in: Illinois

Honey Sticks by Honey Pot

Weed Microdosing Edible Product #2: Honey Sticks by Honey Pot

(Courtesy of Honey Pot)

Break open one of these Honey Sticks by Honey Pot over pancakes, ice cream, granola, and nuts to make 5mg THC go a long way.

Available in: California 

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CBD Microdose Coconut Oil by Sana Sana Wellness

Weed Microdosing Edible Product #3: CBD Microdose Coconut Oil by Sana Sana Wellness

(Courtesy of Sanna Sanna)

The ultimate in microdose products, San Sana Wellness’ ultra-low CBD Coconut Oil boasts 1.4mg CBD to .04mg THC in every serving.

Available in: California

Ginger CBD Mints by Mr. Moxey’s Mints

Weed Microdosing Edible Product #4: Ginger CBD Mints by Mr. Moxey's Mints

Offering a kick of spice with its 5mg CBD to 1mg THC ratio, Mr. Moxey’s Mints have hit it out of the park with their delectable Ginger CBD Mints.

Available in: Washington and Oregon

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Granola Bites by Wildflower Foods

Weed Microdosing Edible Product #5: Peanut Butter & Chocolate Granola Bites by Wildflower Foods

(Courtesy of Wildflower Foods)

Not all microdose products have to be in the form of mints or sugar. Check out these Peanut Butter and Chocolate Granola Bites from Wildflower Foods, delivering 2.5mg of THC per bite. Bonus: they’re also vegan and gluten-free. 

Available in: California 

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Blueberry Terra Bites by Kiva Confections

Weed Microdosing Edible Product #6: Blueberry Terra Bites by Kiva Confections

(Courtesy of Kiva)

Bursting with berry flavor, these 5mg THC Blueberry Terra Bites by Kiva Confections make a wonderful, chocolatey pick-me-up. 

Available in: Arizona, California, Illinois, and Nevada

Strawberry Mints by Swifts Edibles

Weed Microdosing Edible Product #7: Strawberry Mints by Swift Edibles

(Courtesy of Swifts Edibles)

You’ve seen mint and ginger, but how about a touch of fruit? With 5mg of THC per mint, Swifts Edibles’ sugar-free Strawberry Mints deliver a boost without going overboard on the sweetness. 

Available in: Washington 

Blissful Black Tea by Stillwater Brands

Weed Microdosing Edible Product #8: Blissful Black Tea by Stillwater Brands

(Courtesy of Stillwater Tea)

Sink into a soothing cup of tea with Stillwater Brands’ warming Blissful Black Tea. Each packet contains 2.5mg CBD to 2.5mg THC to get you a little toasty inside and out.

Available in: Colorado

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Drinking Botanicals by Monk Provisions

Weed Microdosing Edible Product #9: Drinking Botanicals by Monk Provisions

(Courtesy of Monk Provisions)

Monk Provisions’ delicious Drinking Botanicals are a Leafly favorite—each 4oz bottle contains 5mg CBD to 5mg THC in a variety of fresh flavors. Keep your eyes out for this spectacular product or get your hands on their sample box to try them all.   

Available in: California

Watermelon Synergy Dew Drops by Dixie Elixirs

Weed Microdosing Edible Product #10: Watermelon Synergy Dew Drops

(Courtesy of Dixie Elixirs)

Tinctures can be the perfect match to your microdosing lifestyle since you can dose your own way drop by drop. Each dropper-full of Dixie Elixirs’ fruity Watermelon Synergy Dew Drops offers a cool 3mg of both CBD to THC.

Available in: California, Colorado, and Nevada

High Love Chocolates by 1906

Weed Microdosing Edible Product #11: High Love Chocolates by 1906

(Courtesy of High Love)

Microdosing can belong anywhere—even the bedroom. Pop 1906’s luxurious High Love Chocolates at just 5mg THC per piece for a sultry night in.

Available in: Colorado

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