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mental health

Why Don’t We Know More About Cannabis and Psychosis?

Some pundits claim cannabis causes psychosis. Scientists aren't so sure. A new study asks why, after years of research, the relationship remains so uncertain.

Why Some People Freak Out on Cannabis and Others Don’t

I tend to spiral out when I smoke. But most others don't. Why is that?

Mother Jones Admits It ‘Overstated’ Cannabis Mental Health Risks

Despite the early media attention for his book 'Tell Your Children,' some outlets are increasingly skeptical of author Alex Berenson's conclusions.

Why More College Students Are Calming Anxiety With Medical Cannabis

One in four college students take antidepressants or mood stabilizers, and many are finding relief with medical cannabis. But their therapists remain wary.

Cannabis-Induced Psychosis: Real or Reefer Madness?

Pleading guilty to assault, a Toronto lawyer blamed his actions on "cannabis-induced psychosis." Does such a thing exist?

Cannabis and Mental Health: It’s Complicated

Are those with mental illness using cannabis to help with symptoms, or does cannabis use cause and exacerbate those symptoms? How do substance-abuse issues figure in? Elianna Lev investigates.

Strain Highlight: Chernobyl, the Mental Pain Reliever

Allow us to introduce Chernobyl, a sativa-dominant hybrid that nullifies anxiety, stress, and depression in a flavorful fusion of citrus and lemon.

The Medical Minute: More Cannabis, Less Mental Illness

This Medical Minute looks at emerging cannabis studies in mental illness and touches on a few other developments made in the past few weeks.

The Medical Side to Recreational Cannabis

Cannabis is commonly consumed recreationally to relax and reduce stress -- but isn’t this also medical? What’s the difference between periodic sadness and mild depression?