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Santee Sioux Trial, Day Three: “Whose Marijuana Is It?”

State prosecutors painted Colorado consultant Eric Hagen as the marijuana mastermind. But tribal officials testify: It's our project, not his.

Santee Sioux Trial, Day Two: Ex-Partner Denies Hagen’s Guilt

"I'm not afraid of the truth," Jonathan Hunt testifies, as he refuses to throw Eric Hagen under the bus.

Flandreau Santee Sioux Trial, Day One: Why Did Cops Refuse Evidence?

The small town of Flandreau, South Dakota, stepped into the national spotlight this week when one of the trials of the year in cannabis made it to court.

Cannabis Trial of the Year Opens in Flandreau, South Dakota

Colorado consultant Eric Hagen faces 15 years for helping the Santee Sioux tribe set up a grow operation.