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Smoke This, Play That Vol. 4: Buddy & Kaytranada, Passion Pit, Oliver, and More

This month is packed full of musical nutrients for the eardrums, featuring the talents of Daniel Caesar, Oliver, Buddy & Kaytranada, Tennyson & Mr. Carmack, and Passion Pit.

4 Reasons Why We Should Respect Wiz Khalifa’s Influence on Cannabis Culture

Wiz Khalifa embodies everything that we love about cannabis culture: the happy-go-lucky stoner lifestyle built on freedom of self.

Why Does Cannabis Make Music Sound So Good?

Learn how the effects of cannabis can make music sound better and aid in its production.

The Spark: Portugal. The Man’s Kyle O’Quin on Creativity and Pairing Beethoven With Blue Dream

Portugal. The Man's Kyle O'Quin tells Leafly about how the band uses cannabis, that one time they got too high onstage, and how delicious his edibles are.

‘This Industry Should Be Systematically Shut Down’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

Kevin Sabet and Jeff Sessions are (surprise) still anti-legalization, Roger Stone insists the president supports medical marijuana, David Crosby shares his worst cannabis purchase, and more.

Smoke This, Play That Vol. 3: Tyler the Creator, Lana Del Rey, Kali Uchis, and More

From Tyler the Creator and Sunset Sherbert to Lana Del Rey and Chaos Kush, sit back and enjoy the waning days of summer with the latest cannabis strain and music album pairings.

5 Reggae Albums to Listen to While High

Reggae's ties to cannabis culture are undeniable, as is its appeal to elevated listeners. Spark up and sink into the beat with these five reggae albums.

CannaFest 2017

Greetings, fellow music lovers, and welcome the newest edition of Smoke This, Play That, where I get so high that I no longer know my…

5 Rustic Americana Albums to Listen to While High

Americana music paints a picture of open country, roaming plains, and old American charm. Share a joint with friends over these down-to-earth tunes.

Smoke This, Play That Vol. 2: Phoenix, 2 Chainz, Calvin Harris, and More Summer Sounds

Grab your preferred smoking device and explore the following strain + album pairings as you enjoy those long, sunny summer days.

Chalice California

Greetings, fellow music lovers, and welcome the newest edition of Smoke This, Play That, where I get so high that I no longer know my…

The 5 Best Psychedelic Ambient Albums to Listen to While High

Relax, de-stress, and give a listen to these five fantastic psychedelic-ambient albums that pair perfectly with an indica cannabis strain and an open mind.

Watch This: Chance the Rapper Urges to ‘Let Everybody Out of Jail for Selling Weed’

While accepting the BET Humanitarian Award, Chance the Rapper urged the government that "y’all need to let everybody out of jail for selling weed.”

The Spark: How Masked Musician Noise Cans Uses Cannabis to Inspire His Sound

In an interview coupled with stunning photos, masked Bermudian mystery musician Noise Cans talks cannabis, creativity, personal style, and a wish for peace.

Going to EDC in Vegas? Better Consume Offsite

For those of you going to the Electronic Daisy Carnival this weekend in Las Vegas, make sure you don't try and sneak cannabis in!

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