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Opinion: It’s Past Time to Stop the Sexualization of Cannabis

Let’s promote cannabis products with accurate descriptions of their features and benefits rather than sexualized images of one-dimensional women.

Guest Opinion: Don’t Let Big Business Shape California Cannabis

It is critical that as many California cannabis growers as possible have an opportunity to transition to a regulated system.

How Activists Turned a Bad Massachusetts Bill Into a Great Law

Legislators nearly killed the best parts of the state's legalization law. Then local activists stepped to help create a gold-standard set of regulations.

Washington’s Cannabis Law Is an Obstacle to Equity. It Doesn’t Have to Be.

Legalization was billed as a great equalizer of racial injustice, but the system to arise out of I-502 has only reinforced age-old barriers.

Want to Solve America’s Public Defender Crisis? Stop Arresting People for Cannabis

Arrests for cannabis possession outnumber all violent crime arrests combined. It's contributing to a constitutional crisis.

Cannabis Strategy Under Trump: Here Are Four Ways to Play It

What is to be done? Here are four post-election strategies from an author, a law professor, a lobbyist, and a conservative editorial board.

Here’s How Congress Can Protect Cannabis From the Trump Administration

It wouldn't be hard for the Trump administration to target legal cannabis. But Congress could help prevent it.

Can Cannabis Change Capitalism? VICE Columnist, Author Thinks So

“Cannabis should transform capitalism, not the other way around," says David Bienenstock. “We have to fight really hard to make this an inclusive industry."

A Cannabis Advocate’s Case for Bernie Sanders

If the evidence stacks Bernie up as the only pro-cannabis candidate—and it does—why hasn’t the industry done more to support him?

Why Isn’t the Cannabis Industry Feeling the Bern? Here Are Two Good Reasons

Should the movement and the industry be doing more to support Bernie Sanders? Not necessarily. Here’s why.