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Edibles Unlikely to Launch in Canadian Market Until 2020

The Canadian government is set to legalize edibles by Oct. 17 but don’t expect an automatic unveiling on store shelves the next day.

Cannabis Smoke in Public Not a Crime, Quebec Decides

Cities in Quebec claim it would be too difficult to enforce a ban on consuming cannabis in public.

Brushing Off Objections, Quebec to Raise Minimum Age, Ban Public Consumption

The CAQ has stressed they would take a “hard line” against anything that “normalizes” cannabis.

2018 In Review: Wrapping Up the Rollout of Legalization in Canada

It was a momentous year for Canadian cannabis policy.

Cannabis Taxes Go to Voters in Dozens of California Cities

San Francisco, Fresno and other cities ask voters to raise the cost of cannabis. Oakland rates could go down.

Election 2018: A Complete Guide to Cannabis on the Ballot

Michigan & North Dakota will vote on adult-use legalization. Missouri & Utah consider medical. We've got info, analysis, and poll data.

Gallup Poll Finds the US Favors Cannabis Legalization 2-1

Support for the federal legalization of cannabis continues to rise across all US political identification groups.

Ottawa to Grant Pardons to Canadians Convicted of Cannabis Possession

Just hours after recreational cannabis became legal across Canada, the federal government announced it would grant amnesty to Canadians who have been convicted of possessing…

California’s Cannabis Equity Act Just Changed the Game

Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill making $10 million in initial reparations for the war on marijuana.

California Governor OKs Way More Cannabis Events

More legal cannabis competitions, farmers markets, and concerts are coming thanks to Assembly Bill 2020.

Now You Can Get High in the Deepest Place on Earth: The Mariana Trench!

Cannabis legalization arrived in the Northern Mariana Islands Friday.

How Was Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel on Cannabis? Not Bad. But Not Great.

On his watch, marijuana arrests nosedived from 21,000 to 129.

Trump White House Committee Wants Dirt on Legalization

Fifteen federal agencies must submit negative data and stories on legalization to brief the President.

Teen Cannabis Use Plummets Amid California Legalization, Data Reveal

A large, independent survey of teens finds significant public health gains.

California’s Cannabis Cities Reap Millions in Sales Taxes, the Rest Miss Out

Millions of cannabis sales tax dollars flow to select cities, while most California counties stay dry

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