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What Does It Mean to Declare the Opioid Epidemic a ‘National Emergency’?

The opioid crisis is raging and plans to declare it a national emergency are in the works. What does a formal declaration of a national emergency entail?

Ottawa vs. the Provinces: The Legalization Deadline Showdown Intensifies

Trudeau’s proposed legislation calls for the provinces to oversee the distribution and sale of recreational marijuana and to take on some related responsibilities. It’s a tall order, and provinces say they need help.

‘Dear Justin’: A Loving Correspondence With the Prime Minister

To the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau: It feels like just yesterday you were campaigning with the promise to “legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana” —and now, here we are! However...

‘Cool Hispanics’ Billboard Continues Tradition of Horrible Anti-Drug Ads

Is that 'Hispanics Are Cool' ad the worst teen cannabis prevention campaign ever? You decide: Here are some classic awful ads (and a few that got it right).

Canadian Finance Ministers Hash Out Cannabis Taxes

For a second day in Ottawa, Canadian finance ministers from the federal, provincial, and territorial levels are gathering to strategize a coordinated approach to cannabis taxation.

B.C. Kills Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Marijuana Producers

In a triumph for sanity and compassion, British Columbia has declared mandatory minimum prison sentences for cannabis producers to be unconstitutional.

Thousands of People Are Still Going to Jail for Cannabis in California

New study disproves, once again, the myth that "nobody goes to jail for cannabis anymore." In California, thousands still do.

California Cities Ban Cannabis Sales Ahead of State Vote

Dozens of cities and counties are contemplating tough restrictions on cannabis sales and cultivation in anticipation of Prop. 64's passage.

Why Is California Running a Cannabis Campaign Without the Cannabis?

Some of the Prop. 64 campaign’s most visible endorsers are officials who “can’t stand” cannabis and “don’t advocate” its consumption. What gives?

Floridians ‘Not Amused’ by 4 a.m. Robocall from Prohibitionists

Wee-hour campaign calls urging a no vote on medical marijuana woke up hundreds in the state this weekend, annoying and sometimes scaring voters.

Washington DC Could Expand MMJ Program in Tuesday Vote

The District's patients may finally be able to shop at more than one dispensary.

Hail Mary: Boston Archdiocese Gives $850,000 Against Legalization

In a last-ditch effort, the Boston Archdiocese donated $850,000 to the effort to defeat a state ballot measure to legalize cannabis.

The Adelson Endowment: Why a Casino Billionaire is Propping Up Prohibition

Las Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson has donated tens of millions of dollars to cannabis prohibition causes. But why?

State of the Leaf: Oregon Tests Cannabis More Than Its Food

An Arkansas legalization initiative bites the dust, Alaska opens its first testing lag, and why are some Florida ballots missing Amendment 2?

Florida, Check Your Ballots: Broward County Leaves Off Amendment 2

Some absentee ballots in Broward County left off Amendment 2, which would legalize medicinal cannabis in the state. Advocates have filed a lawsuit.

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