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Here’s the Full Mexico Supreme Court Ruling

Go inside the stunning 88-page work of sense and logic that stands as a profound milestone in Mexico's battle for marijuana legalization.

Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill to End Federal Cannabis Prohibition

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is proposing a serious policy change that would end the federal prohibition of cannabis once and for all.

Mexico Supreme Court Paves the Way for Legal Cannabis

Mexico's Supreme Court made the monumental decision today that could lead the way to legalization.

Did the Industrial Value of Hemp Spark Cannabis Prohibition?

Cannabis legalization has received a lot of attention lately, but what most people don’t know is that it may have been industrial hemp that triggered prohibition in the first place.

Weekend Weirdness: Since When Did D.A.R.E. Become Pro-Cannabis?

On Monday, D.A.R.E. published a letter to the editor that had originally appeared in The Columbus Dispatch and recommended the United States legalize cannabis.

DARE Mistakenly Shares Satirical Report: ‘4 Teens Become Pregnant for Every Joint Smoked’

Today's D.A.R.E. kids are learning that "for every one joint of marijuana, four teenagers become burdened with pregnancy," according to a satirical article that was mistakenly posted.

Chris Christie Wants to Shut Down the Cannabis Industry

Unfortunately, if Governor Chris Christie were to become the next leader of the free world, he could prove harmful to the growing cannabis movement.

The Top 5 Industries Lobbying Against Cannabis Legalization Will Infuriate You

The top five special interest groups lobbying against cannabis legalization shouldn't surprise you, but they will definitely infuriate you.

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