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‘This Industry Should Be Systematically Shut Down’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

September 3, 2017
(Eric Reed/AP Images for The National Association of Drug Court Professionals)
From politics to pop culture, whether it’s good or bad, people have plenty to say about cannabis. Here’s a roundup of quotes from the past week.

“We do not want individuals prosecuted—we want the industry to be accountable. This industry—starting from the top — should be systematically shut down.”

Kevin Sabet, president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, during a phone conference discussing the Cole Memo


Kevin Sabet Takes on Roger Stone at Politicon

“The President has told me he is a strong supporter of medicinal marijuana. He has launched a just war on opioids which he has correctly said is the real drug abuse crisis today.”

Roger Stone, in a prepared statement in which he also apologizes for referring to a number of black Americans as “negro”


Trump Comments Spark Boycott of LA Cannabis Expo

“If I hadn’t begun self-medicating with [cannabis], I would have killed myself. The relief isn’t immediate. It doesn’t make the pain disappear. But it’s the only thing that takes the sharpest edges off my symptoms…But I live in fear that I will be arrested purchasing an illegal drug. I want safe, regulated medical cannabis to be a treatment option.”

– Thomas James Brennan, a former sergeant in the Marine Corps who wrote an op-ed for the New York Times, “Make Pot Legal for Veterans With Traumatic Brain Injury


The VA can’t provide cannabis to veterans with PTSD, so this group gives it out for free

“People who use medical marijuana to treat arthritis are literally burning joints to soothe their burning joints.”

– a “shower thought” from reddit user furiouspasta


Cannabis and Arthritis

“The dumbest purchase I ever made…hmm…dumbest purchase I ever made…I think it was when I bought what was supposed to be five dollars’ worth of pot in the village, way, way, way back, and the guy who got it for me got oregano. And I bought myself an envelope full of oregano.”

– David Crosby, founding member of both The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, during an impromptu call into The Best Show after “these pruciferous [which isn’t a word] people on Twitter” kept asking him to call in


Leafly’s Visual Quality Guide to Selecting Cannabis

[The idea of legalized recreational marijuana] “makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.”

– US Attorney General Jeff Sessions addressing an audience at the National Alliance For Drug Endangered Children in Wisconsin


State Leaders Respond to Sessions’ Criticism of Legal Cannabis

“Aren’t you the two that pulled me over before? How are you mounties now? Or should I say ‘meownties,’ heh heh.”

– Jim Gaffigan as Mr. Larry Johnson in the teaser trailer for Super Troopers 2 (okay, it’s not an explicit cannabis quote, but the first movie is enjoyed by many cannabis enthusiasts and the sequel drops on 4/20/2018)

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Rebecca Kelley

Rebecca is the Content Director at Leafly, where she oversees Leafly News production and other content projects.

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  • familyguy

    Its time for Kevin Sabot and Patrick Kennedy to focus on the opioid, meth and other drugs that endanger people. Cannabis is a benign herb that has helped people deal with pain, cancer, AIDS and other illnesses. It is time both these individual to do their jobs instead of getting the easy money from court ordered cannabis rehab which seldom needed. Times must be getting tough on the rehab industry since there are now eight states and DC where cannabis is legal. Americans have made their choice and they overwhelmingly favor legalization. Politicians beware come 2018 election because if you are not representing the majority of the people in your area, YOU WILL BE REPLACED.

  • weedzone1
  • Thomy

    No matter how you look at it, law enforcement is going to focus their attention on the almighty dollar. As an example, lets say there are 2 million people in Washington state who use Cannabis daily and you have 20,000 people who “abuse” opioids daily. Both users are potential money makers for law enforcement but to a cop, every swinging weenie on the street smokes pot as far as they’re concerned, so they target the vast majority who all use Cannabis, instead of focusing the vast majority of their attention on those who use the much more dangerous substances like opioids. It’s easier for them to bust a Cannabis user by virtue of the fact more people use it and all those fines add up fast… This why it is so difficult to make it legal. They fail to see the overall profit potential from legalization because they’ve been totally spoiled by how many dollars illegal Cannabis has made the law enforcement industry etc. Until they realize Cannabis is worth more to them legal, it’s going to continue. Even after it’s legalized, they’ll fight us all, tooth and nail to make it so damned illegal to operate a motor vehicle, even days after using, that it’s truly pathetic and unfair, all because of one thing……… GREED !! All we can do is fight the draconian laws that still exists in each states and then to fight the draconian laws that still exists with it after it has been legalized. I am a medical patient and if I get pulled over, the day after using, on a day I have not consumed and get issued a DUI, you can bet I will fight it all the way as long as there is support for me to fight it and my case will definitely use laws governing the use of alcohol to support my defense. If they’re going to use nano grams with Cannabis, they should be doing the same with alcohol but they’re not. That’s because alcohol is “their drug” of choice and they know they’re not “under the influence” one or two days after consuming but you can bet it’s still quite detectable in their systems, for days on end, regardless of how intoxicated they may or may no longer be. In other words, they want their cake and eat it. They just will not accept the possibility of losing money over legalization. Legalizing will allocate funds to law enforcement but in most illegal states, “law enforcement” believes they make more money off of Cannabis keeping it illegal. That’s because all of the money from fines, court costs, jail time etc etc all goes into the coffers of the court systems and in many cases, the time spent in prison or jail because of cannabis possession or use, is profitable to many stock holders, most of which are involved in either law enforcement or by political means such as how U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions owns stock in the private prison systems and he also owns stock in the pharmaceutical industry as well. So he’s definitely against any form of legalization, including Medical Cannabis because he believes it costs him MONEY but that’s why many of us feel he’s a lunatic. You take away 30% of the prison population by legalizing the plant, you take away 30% of Jeff Session’s profit. The same is true about the pharmaceutical industry. If they’re not producing Cannabis for us, whether or not they provide a pill or sell it to us as a plant, people like Jeff Sessions feels it will cost him tons of money, especially if Cannabis is a proven alternative to opioid use. All that profit the pharmaceutical industry has been raking in for their opioid production will slowly but surely dwindle and that will cost him dearly, unless he has control over who makes it and dispenses it. So THE ONLY WAY Jeff Sessions might back off is by handing the whole Cannabis industry over to the pharmaceutical industry, which would do nothing more than rape our schools and all the other many monetary benefits that legal Cannabis brings with it as a legalized substance. Illegal, it literally rapes our schools out of really badly needed funds and it keeps the profit in the pockets of law enforcement and political lunatics such as Jeff Sessions. They just will not accept a decent piece if the pie and instead, they want it all. It’s called GREED folks. It’s become the norm to rip us all off right in the courtrooms of the United States. They’ve gotten used to it for over 80 years and they’re not about to just hand over their vast monopoly of profit. The KEY to stopping this is by VOTING. If you are in favor of legalizing Cannabis, I urge everyone of you that haven’t, to register to vote and for those that are registered, your vote is VITAL. Don’t forget, legalizing Cannabis also effectively eliminates their ability to seize property as well, another way they literally rape everyone’s funds…. It’s all about GREED and it’s high time we changed it. So please get registered and by all means GO VOTE…………….

  • Todd Burgess

    I am perplexed as to why cannabis use is identified on drug tests where consumption is legal. As there is zero tolerance, how can the industry thrive if only underpaid peons that can’t afford to smoke, or overpaid CEO’s who don’t use it, are the only ones whose jobs are not at risk from random whiz-quizzes? Forget about applying for a REAL job anymore. All who pay decently use a drug test as a condition of application so they don’t feel obliged to perform a true character analysis through the interview process, like in the olden days.
    At 60, I have few employment options with good pay outside my union job, that I lost due to injury. Can’t get back in, because of drug tests.
    There’s a lot of work to be done to these laws, like abolishing ALL of them.
    We don’t need no stinkin’ laws!