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California’s Cannabis Priestess Arrested on Felony Charge

Heidi Grossman-Lepp wanted to protect cannabis growers under the legal shield of religious freedom. Then a shooting drew the attention of the police.

In This Alabama Church, Cannabis Is Part of a Spiritual Journey

With a stained-glass window behind them, a lineup of speakers stepped to the front of the church and talked about the potential health benefits of plants that are currently illegal in Alabama.

What’s the Significance of the Lion and Cannabis in Rastafarian Culture?

Learn about the origins of the lion in Rastafarian culture and its connection to the cannabis plant.

My Partner is Religious: How Do I Talk To Them About Cannabis?

How do you bring up cannabis in a relationship where they might have a very different, if not extreme, point of view from yours?

Dispensary Showcase: Takoma Wellness Center in Washington DC

What's a rabbi doing running a medical marijuana dispensary? We sat down with Rabbi Jeffery Kahn, the owner of Takoma Wellness Center in Washington, D.C., to find out.

The Shake: Denver Has Growhouse Brokers, and Miami Cops Bust Man with Majestic Half-Beard

Legalization advocates are at the White House today, a Utah study shows further potential for cannabis epilepsy treatment, and seriously, this guy's beard.

Court: Native American Church Not Excused From Cannabis Laws

A federal court has ruled that a church for Native Americans in Hawaii should not be excused from federal marijuana laws despite the group's claim that ingesting cannabis is part of their sacred sacrament.

Weekend Weirdness: Cannabis-Growing ‘Nuns’ Refuse to Back Down Despite Cultivation Ban

Self-described "nuns" in Merced, California, produce high-CBD products for ailing patients despite a recent city ordinance banning cannabis cultivation and sales.

The IRS Just Gave the First Church of Cannabis Tax-Exempt Status

The IRS just granted Indiana's First Church of Cannabis tax-exempt status, opening up a myriad of benefits including various tax advantages and limited auditing risks.

Jamaica’s Cannabis Roots: The History of Ganja on the Island

If you're curious how cannabis came to be so prevalent and well-known in Jamaica, we thought we'd share a little research we dug up on the topic that may enlighten you.

Weekend Weirdness: Would You Worship the Church of Cannabis?

Indiana's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act has inspired one man to protest in an unexpected way: by establishing the "First Church of Cannabis."

Jamaica’s Governor General Gives OK to Ganja Law

The Governor General for the Queen of England, Sir Patrick Allen, has given his assent to amend the Dangerous Drugs Act and essentially decriminalize marijuana in Jamaica.

Jamaica Passes Landmark Decriminalization Bill on Bob Marley’s Birthday

Jamaica’s Senate passed a landmark bill to decriminalize the use and possession of cannabis and to legalize the use of cannabis for medical or religious reasons.

Jamaica Considering Cannabis Legalization Bill

The Jamaican cabinet approved a bill to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis and grant businesses licenses for developing medicinal marijuana.

9 Holy Strains That Can Change Pope Francis’ Opinion of Cannabis

Pope Francis recently condemned efforts to legalize cannabis but we're confident that these nine "holy" strains will help change his mind about the misunderstood plant.

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