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San Francisco

Gavin Newsom: Here’s How Prop. 64 Passed

California's lieutenant governor, a champion of Prop. 64, explains how the law passed—and what to expect going forward.

In Photos: What It’s Like to Attend a Cannabis-Infused, $150-a-Plate Dinner Party

Get a glimpse inside an exclusive cannabis dinner party crafted by three professional chefs in San Francisco, where a seat at the table costs $150.

Richard Branson: ‘Fight to Legalize It’

Entrepreneur Richard Branson urged a San Francisco audience this week to help end the drug war, noting that he was in the mood to "take a spliff or two."

Cannabis Confessions: ‘Altered State’ Visitors Share All

The Oakland Museum’s Altered State exhibit promotes no particular viewpoint, but it pushes hard for one outcome: increased introspection and conversation

Altered State: Marijuana in California

At one Northern California museum, an in-depth exhibition hopes to be a "catalyst for conversation" as the state prepares to vote on recreational legalization.

The Shake: 420 Gym to Open (with Smoking Deck), Rick Steves Backs Legalization Bid in Maine

Ohio MMJ bill arrives at governor's desk, the VA scraps a speech on cannabis, and Oregon wants you to start low and go slow with edibles.

The Shake: Oakland Aids Drug War Victims, Grover Norquist Calls for Cannabis Tax Reform

Portland warns of coming crackdown on cannabis events, NORML is tired of crummy concentrate coverage, and "synthetic marijuana" really stinks.