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At Denver’s Coffee Joint, Cannasseurs Enjoy the Bean and the Leaf

Visitors and locals now have a public place to enjoy cannabis in Denver: The Coffee Joint offers a welcoming space and community.

San Francisco Embraces Amsterdam-Style Cannabis Lounges

The lounges are required to install expensive heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to prevent the distinct marijuana odor from leaking outside.

Denver Approves City’s First Legal Marijuana Club

The business plans to charge an entry fee to the bring-your-own space where people can vape or consume edible cannabis products.

Massachusetts Regulators Face Questions on Cannabis Cafés

Social consumption has been a matter of discussion in nearly every legal state, but the Massachusetts proposal would go further than what others have allowed.

Massachusetts Governor Pushes Back on Cannabis Cafés

Gov. Charlie Baker, who opposed cannabis legalization in the state, said that "people should crawl before they walk and walk before they run."

Proposals for Denver’s First Cannabis Clubs Take Shape

"I have visited the facility, I've had numerous conversations with the owners and we're really pleased to have them in the community."

Public Consumption Gets Another Go in Alaska

A proposal to allow open consumption at Alaska’s retail cannabis dispensaries was narrowly rejected by state regulators in February.

Going to EDC in Vegas? Better Consume Offsite

For those of you going to the Electronic Daisy Carnival this weekend in Las Vegas, make sure you don't try and sneak cannabis in!

First US Rules for Cannabis in Public Fire up Debate in Denver

City officials had to double the size of the room to accommodate the crowd, and a question board filled quickly with subjects such as "Hours of operation?"

First Vape Lounge for Cannabis Patients Opens in Rome

Canapa Caffé's founders want to give Rome's cannabis patients a place to consume besides their homes. The only problem: It's still illegal.

Denver to Become First US City to Allow Cannabis in Bars, Yoga Studios

Voters passed a measure to allow on-site consumption at licensed establishments, but it will be months before Denver sees Amsterdam-style coffeeshops.

Social Cannabis Use Makes the Ballot in Denver

Denver will be voting this coming November on whether or not adults 21-and-older can socially consume cannabis at public establishments.