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‘I Was Wrong and Not Informed’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

From self-reflective rock gods to hemp-friendly senate majority leaders, here are the week's most notable cannabis quotables.

Could Synthetic Cannabinoids Topple Australia’s Cannabis Market?

Synthetic cannabinoids, produced in a laboratory, threaten to make traditional growing methods a thing of the past.

Synthetic Cannabinoids: Growing Side Effects Make Now a Great Time to Stay Away

Learn about the differences between synthetic cannabinoids vs real cannabis, and find out why synthetic is so dangerous and can even cause death.

‘Synthetic Cannabis’ Rears Its Ugly Head, Sends 33 to NY Hospital

On Tuesday, the designer drug — which is NOT a cannabis product — was responsible for hospitalizing 33 people in Brooklyn.

The Shake: America’s Most Famous Dispensary Wins Fight Against Feds

Harborside scores a victory, Colorado's governor has come around on cannabis, and here's what do do if your pet accidentally eats an edible.

What Is “Synthetic Marijuana” and How is It Made?

Find information about synthetic cannabinoids and what they’re composed of, how they’re made, and why they’re so dangerous for consumption.

The Medical Minute: More Cannabis, Less Mental Illness

This Medical Minute looks at emerging cannabis studies in mental illness and touches on a few other developments made in the past few weeks.